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New Argentine Tango Music

A new composer of Argentine tango music is emerging: Nobuko Yasuda, born in Kyoto, Japan.

Ms. Yasuda's Argnetine tango compositions are quite unique because she synthesizes several elements:

  • Knowledge of traditional Argentine tango music
  • Classical music training in Japan
  • Jazz studies at an early age
  • Piano technique and arrangement.

Nobuko didn't wait long to get started in music. In America, music students historically start lessons at age 7 or 8. But in Japan the attitude is different. Nobuko started her musical training at age 3, learning classical music. When she was in high school, she was drawn to the study of jazz harmony and composition. Later, when she became intrigued by Argentine tango music, she organized a tango orchestra called "Astor Piazzolla" and performed on several TV shows.

In 1998 Nobuko received the Award for Best Composer of Japan, Kansai. More recently, she has studied at Berkeley College of Music, in Boston and has been composing piano sonatas, fugas, music for string quartets, jazz ensemble music, and even works for symphony orchestra.

She has given many recitals featuring her Argentine tango music, including one at the Berkeley Performance Center in Boston and at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires..

In 2002 she began organizing a contemporary Argentine tango orchestra in Buenos Aires. She is passionate about Argentine Tango and Milonga and because of her classicial studies, her melodies are influenced by Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Bartok, and even Stravinsky!

In her tango music, she carefully crafts melodies and harmonies for the bandoneon as well as each instrument in her orchestra. She also uses piano improvisation and includes pop as well as classical rhythmic structures. Surprisingly, even with the pop influence, her music has a nostalgic and melancholic quality. Ms. Yasuda's Argentine tango music has been well-received by audiences both in Argentina and Japan.

When you hear Ms. Yauda's tango music, listen for the syncopations and on some pieces, the improvised piano riffs where she really rocks! -- that's the jazz influence! Wow!

Want to hear a sample of Nobuko's tango music? Then click on the following link.

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