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Free dance lesson "movie" on Nightclub Two Step.

Free sample music theory lesson -- an online Flash movie.

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Introduction to Social Dancing


Phil also gives free music theory lessons online and is available for private instruction in piano, guitar, keyboard, recorder and...

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Indian Love Flute (shown above)

Click here or on the flute to find out more about Indian Love flutes--they are easy to play and sound great!

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NOTE: It's funny but true that tango is often misspelled as tamgo, tanog, tagno, tnago, atngo. Argentine is often spelled as: argetine, argenine, algantein, algentein, argantein, argentne, argentein, argentie, argentin, argntine, argantin, arentine, algentin, agentine, argantine, algentine, algantine, argent1ne, argemtine, argentien, argentnie, argenitne, argetnine, argnetine, aregntine, agrentine, ragentine, rgentine



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Tango-L is an email list that enables you to get email every day about Argentine Tango from people all over the world. With Tango-L, you can make friend all over the world, friends who share a common interest in Argentine Tango. You can have fun debating the issues facing Argentine tango dancers -- and there are many! Warning: sometimes the discussions on this list get a little heated. Sometimes those who post make insulting comments. Don't take this list too seriously. Remember everyone has their own opinions. Just take in the good, inspiring comments and ignore the trashy ones.

To get an idea what is on Tango-L, you can search the archives. Have a question tango? Chances are the issue has already been discussed. Check out these archives. Use the search feature to search for various tango terms or dance concepts.

To join Tango-L, send an email to:

In the body of the email put ...

subscribe TANGO-L <YourName>

... where <YourName> is your actual name.

By doing this, you are sending a "command" to a computer called a "list server." The list server will immediately and automatically send back an email message like this:


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subscribe TANGO-L <Your Name>

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command....To confirm the execution of your command, simply reply to the presentmessage and type "ok" (without the quotes) as the text of your message.

After you subscribe, you can send email messages about Argentine Tango to the people who belong to Tango_L by sending email to:


There are rules about what content is appropriate for Tango-L. When you subscribe, you will get an email explaining all of the rules. Be you read this carefully so you stay out of trouble. A nice feature of this list is that if you are in doubt about whether a "posting" is appropriate, you can send it to the list administrator at:

Important. Subscribing or unsubscribing is done by sending "commands" to .

Do not send commands to TANGO-L@MITVMA.MIT.EDU -- only messages that you want people to read.

If you want to get just one email a day with all Argentine tango messages from the previous day, send this command in the body of an email to

  "set TANGO-L digest"

If you want to know about other commands you can send, then send the command "help" to

Remember that commands go to:

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True or False? Requests to subscribe or unsubscribe from Tango-L should be sent to TANGO-L@MITVMA.MIT.EDU


I hope you find this information about Tango-L useful. I'm sure you will find Tango-L fun, entertaining, and educational.

Phil Seyer is available for private or group dance lessons in the Sacramento/Roseville Area. Call Phil at 916-772-7555

Phil is also serving Argentine Tango who live in Rancho Cordova, West Sacramento, Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Davis, Folsom, Rocklin and surrounding areas.

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