NOTE: Cakewalk is very good, but you may want to consider PowerTracks Pro Audio MIDI software

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Cakewalk MIDI Software

Buy CakeWalk Home Studio 2002 from Amazon now. -- Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 frees you from dependence on studios and technicians so you can do your digital recording from your desktop. With support for 24- and 16-bit audio, real-time DirectX effects, DXi software synths, MIDI FX plug-ins, and ACID-format audio loop technology, Home Studio 2002 turns your PC into a multitrack recording studio. Add a range of audio effects, like Amp Sim Lite, reverb, chorus, delay, flange, and EQ. Create loops fast. Record unlimited audio and MIDI tracks. Mix with real-time audio and MIDI effects. Home Studio lets you work with ACID-format, MP3, WAV, WMA, and MIDI files. You can also import and synchronize AVI video to music projects. This very robust program includes an ACID-format audio loop library as well as free versions of Pyro MP3 and CD Maker (trial version), Virtual Sound Canvas DXi soft synth, and DreamStation DXi soft synth.

A user of Cakewalk writes: " have used this software for about 6 months now. Like any powerful software, at first it's confusing, but soon afterward, CakeWalk HS became my friend. The confusion, I believe is not so much the software per se, but rather the techno-music world. Simply, the software emulates real world editing hardware and uses real world terminology. For that reason, it uses jargon that most of us are not familiar with. Still, I would think any good music software would do the same, but this product is so inexpensive for it's power. A friend of mine has someware similar to this which cost him hundreds of dollars. He can't or doesn't do anymore than I can do. It will be years before you outgrow this software. You can't go wrong if you are serious about home music."

Another user writes: "For those with a modest sound card and a modest budget, there is hardly any difference between HS2002 and Sonar, its much-praised big brother. The old HS only let you play back 8 audio tracks. 2002 offers unlimited tracks. The ability to use Acid-style techniques is revolutionary. HS2002 sounds better, even if not used in the new 24/96 mode. And the effects bundled with 2002 are much better than those that came with HS9, especially the EQ. The analog synth that comes with it is not real exciting, but the mono synth that can be downloaded free from Cakewalk's website right now is great!

This is a serious product, and if you are the type of person who tends to work alone, someone who does not need more than two simultaneous inputs and outputs, you may never miss the extra features in Sonar. With the level of power this product has, I would be hard-pressed to think of ways to make it easier or more intuitive to use...."

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