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Phil offers free online music theory lessons. To see a sample lesson and subscribe, click here.




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A Powerful MIDI Program
with music lessons

PowerTracks, one of my favorite MIDI programs is now available for purchase via PayPal.Just click on the PayPal button above. It comes with a CD and a printed manual and will be shipped to you within 24 hours. For a limited time, as a bonus, when you order PowerTracks Pro Audio, you will receive a free copy of Cool Chord Substitutions -- a series of lessons that work with PowerTracks. Hear the music, see the notes, and the keys being played on the piano. Hear Phil explain the concepts as you listen and watch in this multimedia tutorial. This new technology lets you study music with composer, Phil Seyer, remotely. Phil can develop lessons customized for your special needs and interests.

To order PowerTracks and get free lessons on "chord substitutions", click the Buy Now button above. To get an idea of Phil's teaching style, see his free online lesson on chord substitutions.

About PowerTracks:: The New version! PowerTracks Pro Audio 8.0 has been totally rebuilt as a full 32-bit engine for seamless operation in Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

It lets you record whatever you play on your MIDI instrument. You can then play it back and sing along or play an acoustical instrument. You can even look at the musical notation to see how what you played would be notated. Here's a sample notation screen.

This is a good way to learn notation or to check your playing to see if you are staying with the beat. It is a great tool for composition, too. You can record a short section of a piece and then add additional parts, either in MIDI or acoustically.

That's not all. You can look and see what chords you played -- that is, the guitar notation for the chords you played will be created automatically by the program. The Amazing New Chord Wizard will intelligently figure out the chords and display them in the Notation Window and the new Chords Window. Chord.symbols are an essential component of playing by ear, so most musicians who play by ear should find this new feature indispensable! The new Chords Window displays the chords in a selectable font and size, and is fully editable.

Here's an example of what you might see in the chords window:

That's not all. Several "plug-ins" are available free including effects; for example, you change the "room" that the music is being played in -- try a concert hall and see how that compares with a night club setting. Effects settings can be save and used with multiple projects. You can use multiple effects at the same time. If you want, you can use Powertracks to customize existing musical recording you have on your computer, adding special effects to them..

If you have a recent Soundblaster sound card you can use special "sound fonts" to give your music a realistic sound even without expensive MIDI equipment. You can even download new sound fonts as they become available.

That's not all. Phil will be creating various music theory tutorials that will work with PowerTracks. These tutorials will let you see the notes and listen to the music as you learn music theory. It's like taking a private lesson or class with Phil, except that you can play it back whenever you want. You can ask Phil questions via email as needed. Lessons will feature topics such as:

Basic Chord construction and chord progressions
Improvising melodies
Improvising Bass Line
Secondary Dominants
Altered Dominants
Chromatic Chords

Using the power of MIDI, Phil is able to make his musical examples dynamic, because he can generate new MIDI files on the fly with his AI MIDI technology. This makes the lessons a little different each you go through them, yet they keep teaching you the same concepts. For example, in the lesson on chords, you will have a chance to practice recognizing different chords to sharpen your ear. Each exercise will be new and different yet focused on the same types of chords.

PowerTracks costs only $50 (plus shipping) and compares to products costing much more. And remember, the bonus: along with PowerTracks you get a Cool Chord Substitutions a multimedia tutorial designed to work with PowerTracks.

To order click the "Buy Now" button.