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Virtuoso Pianist

Buy The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises from Amazon now. -- When I was first learning to the play piano I was assigned the task of practicing the exercises in this book. I didn't think it was much fun and neglected my practice. I though that exercises were a waste of time, time that would be better spent practicing real musical pieces. But I later regretted this attitude because my dexterity was never really very good. So later, even after getting a degree in music I decided to return to these exercises. I found that by practicing them with different rhythms and in different keys that they were fun to play and very helpful in improving my playing ability. Although originally designed for classical music, these exercises can be useful to any musician.

A use of this book writes: "Great Exercise Book. This has got to be the greatest book for technical difficulties in classical music. It has 60 excercises to prepare you for the monumental difficulties of a Mozart piano concerto or sonata, a Beethoven sonata, or any classical composer for that matter. I warm up with this book everyday with a metronome before I even begin to practice my music, (I play all Mozart, I like Beethoven too, but I have a preference for Mozart, I just love his brilliant work. It doesn't make any difference what you play though, this book will guide you to all the technical difficulties like octaves, broken octaves, trills, threefold trills, etc...). There are three sections, each get harder in difficulty, but it is worth it. Your playing will improve ten-fold if you learn this book. Trust me, get this book and your playing will be like it has never been."

In addition to this classic book, you might enjoy a related book of exercises called Jazz Hanon.

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