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Wedding Dance Lessons Featuring
Argentine Tango
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Argentine Tango is well suited to wedding dances because it is such a romantic form of tango and because of the many fine love songs from Argentina. Argentine tango is truly a dance of love and passion with sweet imtimacy. Other dances are also nice for weddings: waltz, rumba, and nightclub two step. (Phil Seyer teaches all these and other dances in the Sacramento/Roseville area.) All of these dance styles can be called the "dance of love."

Speaking of love, one of the most important things when planning a wedding dance is to pick music that you love. Then after picking the music you can work out a way to enjoy dancing to it.

What Argentine tango tunes are recommended? You may want to use a tune that is well-recognized as Argentine tango music. Some very good choices for a wedding dance are:

Wedding dance song: La Cumparsita
Wedding dance song:: El Choclo

The words for the song -- in some cases -- may not be that important. One couple knowingly chose a tune which is a modified version of Por Una Cabeza. (This song is about a man's two loves: horse racing and women.). You don't even have to pick Argentine tango music. Tango works with many different songs. Check with your dance instructor to see if tango will work with your favorite piece of music..

Are Private Dance Lessons Worth it?

It takes time, effort, and money to learn to dance well. Is it all worth it? For just a few minutes of dancing at a wedding reception? Here's what one new bride said recently.


Ahh dancing -- is there nothing it can't do?

"The opening dance was great. As far as people cheering goes, I don't think I will ever hear cheers that loud again. All the money and effort put into the two minutes of dance was worth it. Aside from the pure enjoyment of dancing, I think the working towards a 'goal' made our relationship stronger. In some of the still picture I can see how suprised all the guests were, and it's great to see that not only did I enjoy it but everyone else did too. Ahh dancing -- is there nothing it can't do! "

Tango Choreography versus Lead and Follow

A dance can be choreographed so that every step is planned. That tends to be the approach used by dancers in the Eastern United States. Out West, we pioneers tend to be mavericks. Many of us don't like to follow the crowd. Consequently, we use more of a lead and follow methodology, where the leader decides whats steps to lead in the moment, rather than performing a fixed routine. An advantage of this approach is that the leader can be more relaxed knowing that he doesn't have to remember everything. Here's short video clip showing Ken Delmar improvising some Argentine tango (AT) steps in a San Francisco nightclub with Elaine Sirois. . If you watch closely you can see Ken leading Elaine to do what are called ochos (figure 8's). Then he does some rock steps and finishes with a modified basic step. You will note that he is dancing to jazz, not Argentine tango music. This illustrates that the AT dance style can work well with different styles of music. .

Tango Choreography with Lead and Follow

For wedding dance lessons, often what works best is a combination of choreography and lead and follow. With this approach the leader has a definite plan, but then during a certain section of the dance, he will improvise. Choreographed steps are useful because they can provide a foundation from which to build. And they can help to ensure that the dance is interesting and enjoyable. If everything is left up to lead and follow, the leader may or may not be able to improvise a satisfying routine. Choreographed steps are particularly useful for the entrance, the start of the dance and for the conclusion -- those are the parts of dance most often remembered. Ask your instructor about how to make your entrance and about dance figures to use at the conclusion of your dance.

How much choreography to use is an individual matter and will vary from couple. It is best to work out the details with your instructor.

Don't worry if you don't no how to dance at all now. In the San Francisco Bau Area, Ken and Natasha are available to help you. Their wedding dance lessons can help you learn to dance in a hurry and look great for your wedding.

In the Sacramento, Roseville, and San Francisco Area, you may schedule private lessons with Phil Seyer. He can be reached at 916-772-7555.

Let Everyone Learn Tango!

Here's another idea. Let the audience at your wedding reception join in the fun and learn to dance tango. Ask your instructor to teach a group tango lesson at your wedding reception. There are some simple tango steps everyone can learn, even if they have never dance before. "Everyone was dancing tango! It was great." said one happy bride.(New brides are also using this idea for surprise birthday partys. "It was an added attraction for the party; everyone looked forward to learning tango and they really enjoyed learning something new."

In conclusion, Argentine tango can be a wonderful first dance for a wedding reception. Thank you for your interest in Private Dance Lessons, Sacramento and Wedding Dance Lessons San Francisco