Take notes more easily.

Keep a window always on top and visible at all times.

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"I reckon Always On Top is great!" exclaimed elated user.


Make NotePad always visible.

Work with two programs at once.

Enjoy a music video while you work.




Keep any windows always on top



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AlwaysOnTop (always on top shareware) will help you keep any window visible and always on top of other windows. It's useful if you want to take notes in one program while working with another.  You might also like to use it to keep a calendar, clock or calculator always on top and ready to use. (See illustration below that shows how a user is using a calculator simulatenously with Excel, thanks to AlwaysOnTop.

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Enthusiastic Users

We have many enthusiastic users of Always On Top ( AlwaysOnTop.exe ). Here are some typical comments:

"Wow. I love this program. Thank you sooooo MUCH. I do so much work in notepad every day, and have been searching for Notepad add-ons or other Notepad utilities that have the option of "always on top". Thanks, have a wonderful day :)" -- Andrea Seminiano

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"I am an IT administratior at a small company in Sunnyvale. This evening, a user came in asking for help. He said he was very frustrated, because he is performing calcuations (with the Windows calc program) and entering them into Excel. He said he didn't want to have to switch back and forth between Calc and Excel, and would like a way to force Calc to stay on top...I downloaded it, [alwaysontop.exe] installed it, and within 20 minutes of the original request, I had a solution which works.Thanks! We will be using your software. I (and my users) appreciate it.

Allan Carhart
System Administrator, Silicon Light Machines Inc.

Another user wrote: "Always On Top to lets me enjoy my DVD movies while I work, and I reckon it is great!"

Another user downloaded the trial version and really missed it when the trial expired. She wrote:
"I could go back and pay you through amazon.com again. Or I can wait a week I guess... but I already miss Always On Top quite a bit. I used it frequently.

You don't need to be a programmer to use Always On Top, it is very easy to use, just point and click. But if you are a programmer, you can call it from other your own programs if you like. See my notes below if you are interested in doing that.

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Always On Top is very easy to use. Here's an example of how to get started with it:

Run the windows NotePad program and use it to edit some file. (You can usually do that by doubleclicking on any file that ends with .txt.) Resize the window so it's somewhat small and suitable for taking notes while you work with another program.

Run Always On top. When prompted, click on the NotePad window.

Alway sOn Top will ask you if you want to keep that NotePad window on top. Respond "Yes" by clicking on the "Yes" button.

That's it. Your NotePad window will magically stay "always on top."

You can use Always On Top to keep any window "always on top," however there are some considerations you need to be aware of:

Be careful in using Always On Top. If you set the state of a window as "always on top"  this can cause confusion if you maximize that window. 

If you maximized an "always on top" window, you won't be able to access any other window on your computer until you make some adjustments.

But the fix is easy. You can could also close, minimize or resize the "always on top" window.
You can fix this by removing the "always on top" status of the window.

Some windows are not intended to be "always on top" and you can give yourself an unnecessary challenge by making it always on top.

Sometimes another program may want you to respond and try to pop-up a response window. Your "always on top" window might accidently cover that dialog window.

So if you get confused after setting a window to "always on top" status, you might want to try minimizing it or remove the "always on top" status of that window.

Canceling Aways On Top
You can easily cancel the "always on top" status of a window.
Here's how:

Run AlwaysOnTop
Click on the window that has an "always on top" status.

AlwaysOnTop will ask you if want to keep the window in question on top. Respond "No" by clicking on the "No" button.

Technical Note for Programmers

If you are a programmer, you may find this interesting. You can run AlwaysOnTop  from another program by calling it like this:

     alwaysontop.exe <WindowName> 1

...where <WindowName> is the first part
of the window you want to keep on top.

To turn off the "on top" attribute of a window, make the call with "0" as the
second argument, like this:

     alwaysontop.exe <WindowName> 0


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Here's wishing you good luck.
May you always stay on top!

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