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Argentine Tango


Ken Delmar  (San Francisco Bay Area)

Lori Burton, Lori Burton is an Argentine tango instructor in  the Michigan area, but she does not have a web yet.  You can contact her by email, though,  Her e-mail address is

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Slide show with music: Ken Delmar dance Argentine Tango at the Metronome.



Ken Delmar is shown here with the lovely Brenda Figueroa who assisted Ken in Teaching Tango in 1997.

Caution: Dancers who already know American Tango and other ballroom dances may be too earger to learn new steps and get bored

with beginning lessons, which stress mastering the basic steps with proper technique.

Warm and Friendly. Ken is an extremely warm, friendly and patient instructor.


(Ken and Natasha)


<== Here Ken is dancing with Natasha, one of the ladies that comes regularly to the Argentine tango classes at 435 Broadway in San Francisco and the Monte Cristo Club on Missouri Street.

UPDATE: Natasha is now Ken's lovely wife!


Teaching From the Inside -- Out

Ken teaches "from the inside -- out" meaning that they stress mental attitude, feeling, posture, and technique right from the beginning rather than just teaching steps.

Hip Surgery.   Ken is currently recovering from hip surgery, but his wife Natasha continues to manage tango lessons and parties at the Metronome in San Francisco.  For the latest information please call 415-252-9000.


Tango Parties

Every Friday there is a tango party sponsored by the Metronome. For details see:

Also, please see Northern California's Complete List of Argentine Tango Events

New Year's Eve Party.   Last year there was a new Year's Eve Milonga (Tango Dance Party) in San Francisco from 9PM to 2 AM at the Metronome "Block Party" -- ballroom dancing was also be available (can you believe it?).  Those who love continuous tango will be happy to know that the ballroom dancing was held in a separate building, around the corner.   Party hopping was permitted with a single admission price.  $18 in advance, $22 at the door.  For more info. call 415-252-9000.



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