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Tango videos featuring Daniel Trenner

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Phil Seyer offers private lessons in Argentine tango and other dances in the Sacramento, Roseville area.

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In San Francisco, call Ken Delmar, 415-468-8000 or visit his Argentine tango website, sftango.


Listen to Argentine tango music online!


Free beginning Argentine tango lesson online.


List of Tango steps and exercises for study. -- includes new ideas like meditating before and during tango dancing.

Argentine tango video clip showing a dramatic leg wrap finish carefully choreopgrahed to the music--led by Ken Delmar. Watch for follower's, high, sharp back kick adornment timed to accent in the music, sharp reversal in direction timed to staccato musical punches --rotating rocking steps. 90 degree turn after step 3 of the basic, a gancho soon after that, a "sandwitch" just prior to the follower's free-spin out. Suggestion: use the pause button to study the steps.


What's a Bandoneon? It's an accordian often used in Argentine tango music. Click here to see and hear a bandoneon player playing a slow romantic selection.

Now watch as the bandoneon players reaches a climax in the same piece of Tango music. (The music reaches a climax, too!)


Tango Videos by Daniel Trenner!

Daniel Trenner is a master Argentine tango dance instructor. For decades he has taught Argentine tango and continued to perfect his own skills by studying with master instructors in Argentina. But not only did he study with the masters, Daniel was able to capture their teachings on video tape and produce a series of "Learn from the Argentine Tango Masters" instructional videos. Because of his efforts, you are able to learn from these masters just as Daniel did. (Some of the instructional videos, here, are by Daniel himself and some are by the masters he worked with in Argentina.)

Before getting hooked on Argentine tango many years ago, Daniel was a tap dancer and teacher of jazz and improvisal dance. He danced with the Brenda Bufalino Jazz and Tap Company in New York and founded the Chakta Dance Ensemble in Boston.

One day he met a beautiful Argentine tango dancer. One thing led to another and soon Daniel threw himself full time into learning and later teaching this romantic dance. His Argentine tango dancing and teaching is influenced greatly by research he did in Argentina with older milongueros in Buenos Aires. (A milongero is an Argentine tango dancer who loves to frequent milongas (tango dance parties).

In the first video listed here, Daniel teaches with Brooke Burdett. She started with Daniel and later traveled to Buenos Aires where she studied with several master teachers including Juan Bruno, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Gustavo Naveira, Eduardo Arquimbau, and Tomi O'Connell.

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1. Daniel Trenner & Rebecca Shulman: Level I Argentine tango instructional video
Focuses on the core structures and concepts of Tango: lead and follow, crossed and parallel footwork, dance frame, body positions, the follower’s cross, walking, grapevine turns, ochos, step building, and phrasing. -- 60 minutes English, Price: $40.00

2. Daniel Trenner & Rebecca Shulman: Level II Argentine tango instructional video -- A great supplement for Level I (above). In-depth excercises for walking and turning in improvisational social tango. Transitions between crossed and parallel footwork in walks and turns. Musical phrasing. Decorative elements for both partners. Dance demo --100 minutes English, Price: $40.00

3. Daniel Trenner & Rebecca Shulman: Level III Argentine tango instructional video Trenner, Daniel / Burdett, Brooke -- Expands on technique, step-building, improvisation, decoration, and musicality. Paradas (stops), ganchos (hooks), calesitas (merry-go-rounds), arrastres (drags), sacadas (displacements), llevadas (carrys), leg wraps, and boleos. Dance demonstration.
100 minutes English, Price: $40.00
4. Tommy O’Connell: Tango in the Close Embrace, accompanied by Elina Roldán O´Connell, Tommy. Tommy shares his steps, his ideas, and his opinions about social tango. There is extensive footage of his dancing, and sections where he works with Daniel as Daniel demonstrates with Elina. Experience this true milonguero!! (60 mins.) 60 minutes, Spanish with English translation. Price $40.00
5. Elina Roldan & Julio Mendez: Combining Closed Embrace Salon & Open Embrace Counter Rotation
Roldan, Elina / Mendez, Julio
Elina Roldán and Julio Mendez are another of the exciting couples to emerge during tango’s modern revival. They both cut their tango teeth in the milongas of Buenos Aires, walking the innumerable kilometers in the salons that the milongueros say is the true measure of one’s tango. The videos that they offer here are examples of a modern fusion of tango styles. A number of figures in each style are taught, using their particular elements to teach the specifics of technique required for each. Culminating in a sequence designed to show how the two styles can be easily mixed together. Includes lovely studio performance. (BttTV 1999- 60 mins.) Price $50
6. Fernanda Ghi: Follower’s Technique
Ghi, Fernanda (60 min.) Spanish w/ English Translation. NTSC Fernanda’s dancing is exquisite! This video is a great insight into the the technique that allows her to create such beautiful adornments and delecacy of style. Spanish w/ English translation. Price $40

7. Carlos Gavito w/ Marcela Duran Vol 1.
In Spanish with English Subtitles. 60 minutes. Learn tango from Carlos Gavito, Buenos Aires master instructor of Forever Tango fame! Learn all the Spanish names for the steps directly from Mr. Gavito. English subtitles make the lessons easy to follow. Carlos Gavito is considered one of the last symbols of the "Milongueros"era. Born in Avellaneda, a suburb of Buenos Aires, Gavito started his professional career there in Buenos Aires. He traveled to Colombia with Julian Centella to perform in the First Tango Festival of Medellin. He has toured throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. He now resides in Perth, Scotland. He alternates his activities between Hamburg and New York, where he teaches tango at the Dance Manhattan School.

Marcella Duran is a dance teacher for the Argentine government, specializing in modern dance. She has performed at the Teatro Colon and the Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires. For the last four years Marcela has toured with Argentine Tango companies in Japan and Europe, most recently appearing in Forever Tango in the United States, in London and at a Spoleto Festival in Italy. Price $55.00

8. Carlos Gavito w/ Marcela Druan Vol 2. See picture of Carlos Gavito, here. Learn intermediate steps from the Forever Tango star. Price $55.00
9. Carlos Gavito w/ Marcela Druan Vol 3. Learn advanced steps including those made popular by Gavito in Forever Tango. Price $55.00

NEW! A hot, besting selling series of tango instructional videos, high quality w/ special tips on technique, outstanding Argentine tango music
10. One Step Further: Salon Tango W/ Carolina & Diego. English (45 min.) Price $55.00 -- There are tips on technique to help you in learning the steps. Filmed in high quality digital film, and are entirely in English, spoken by Carolin and Diego themselves - no translators! In addition, all of the music used on the videos is by the outstanding internationally -acclaimed tango orchestra,

11. One Step Further: Milonga with Carolina & Diego in
English, (35 min) Milo Price $55.00. Do you take a break when they play a milonga? Take your dance skills one step futher and learn the milonga. (A milonga is fast, energetic dance often played at Argentine tango dance parties. The word milonga has two meanings; it refers to a style of dancing and also it refers to the dance party, itself, depending on context..)

12. One Step Further: VALS with Carolina & Diego in
English, (35 min) Milo Price $55.00. VALS is Argentine tango music in triple rhythm, with three pulses per measure. The music resembles what is often called Viennese waltz. NOTE there are not three beats per measure in this waltz (VALS), just one beat per measure! You may want to see my online music theory tutorial on beats per measure. Ever wonder how to dance tango to this fast waltz music? This video shows you how, in detail!

13. One Step Further: Complex Tango with Carolina & Diego in
English, (35 min) Price $55.00 -- Don't let the title scare you. This video is arranged to show the step combinations in the easiest, clearest fashion, with emphasis on both the leader's and follower's parts.