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Chords and Progressions for Jazz and Popular Guitar

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Buy Chords and Progressions for Jazz and Popular Guitar from Amazon now. -- Reviewer: A reader from New York City One of the best jazz books ever written. I own a half-dozen different jazz method books and this is one of the best. Written in 1986, and purchased by me in 1992, this book is still in print, which literally proves its long-lasting value. I am primarily a blues guitarist but like to experiment with beautiful sounding jazz chords. This book is proof that the way to master jazz is not to memorize hundreds of individual chords in no relation to one another, but instead to understand chords as a series of harmonic progressions that make up a melody. --- from Sheboygan, WI USA A Good Jazz Guitar Chord Introduction This book is highly recommended. The author touches on jazz progressions, rhythms, inversions, substitutions, fingerstyle, chord-melody solos, alterered chords, and a host of other techniques that the novice or intermediate jazz guitarist will find interesting, challanging, and if mastered, very rewarding. To understand the author's theoretical explanations the reader should have rudimentary knowledge of harmony and melody. I found the book to be very useful.

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