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See Phil's free on line lesson on chord substitutions.


What Makes Music Work (a self-teaching guide to music theory)

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Walking Basslines
(how to compose and improvise them)
--learn to create and improvise exciting basslines for your music.

Ear Training
--improve your musical ear.

MIDI software


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Cool Chord Progressions

(Understanding Chromatic Chords)
Cool Chords -- free sample lesson.

Understanding Chromatic Chords is a self-instructional music theory CD that plays on your computer like a video. Click here for a free sample lesson from Cool Chords. This course on Chromatic musical chords is designed to help you add color to your playing and to your own chord changes (chord progressions) and musical compositions. In Cool Chord Progressions, you will learn to understand harmony, and how to integrate "foreign" chords into your pieces and make smooth yet exotic chord changes. These chord progressions will add spice to music and may surprise the listener -- yet the chords will still fit nicely into the context of the tonal center you are composing in.

Here's a typical comment about Cool Chords:

Allen Wilson: "I find the material very interesting .I have been playing the piano for a long time - classical and jazz- but the way you present the lesson is fine and clears up a number of points concerning jazz harmony. Maybe there will be more CDs!"

Whether you play piano, guitar or another instrument, Cool Music Chords Notes will increase your enjoyment of music. In the lesson, the notes scroll, and music play to illustrate the chord progressions. While going through the course, you see the notes in the musical examples scroll by as you hear the music play. When notes are played, they turn red so you can follow along easily. You'll hear composer and music educator Phil Seyer explain the chord construction and progressions in great detail. Besides learning the chord progressions, you'll see interesting rhythmical examples of how the chords might be used in a composition. You can pause the instruction with a click of the mouse or easily rewind it. You can jump to each of the lessons quickly by making a selection from the course menu.

Free mini lesson: So you can get a better idea of how this CD works, I've uploaded a few minutes of the lesson on altered dominants. Click here to take this mini lesson now and learn an effective way to alter a dominant chord.

Also, you want to see Phil's free on line lesson on chord substitutions.