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Free trial of a professional high speed stock scanning and charting system. (The system uses cloud computing to allow super fast scanning of all common US stocks. Scan the entire market in seconds with no downloading required..)

Click here to see the best selling stock trading books. Learn more about "trading in the zone," short selling, Fibonancci retracements, gaps, money management, Japanese Candlesticks, Elliott Waves, etc..

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Books on Elliott Wave Analysis for stock trading

Japanese Candlestick Charts

Scanning Stockcharts--You can scan the entire market for various candlestick patterns and chat live with an expert in candle stick analysis. For more incontact-us.htmation, just request the free stockmarket CD.


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As well as a stock trader, I'm a dance teacher, musician, and software engineer. Click here for my dance and music home page.



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Tax Preparation Software for Stock Traders.

I like stocktrading spelled as one word. When will the dictionaries catchup to me?


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Stock Trading Ideas

Free tools for stock traders.

Japanese Candlesticks -- Buy and sell signals, candle scans, Bollinger Band Squeezes, Market Direction, kickers, dojis, belt-holds, shooting starts, evening stars. Free stockcharting programs.
-- this website has a variety of money making money saving and stock trading ideas. Click the following link to learn more: Stock Trading and Money Making/Money Saving Tips


Stock Trading and Investing with OPS

OPS is a new way to evaluate the financial health of a company. OPS stands for Operational Cash Flow Per Share. A company called stockdiagnostics has a free introductory service which alerts you to companies with strong OPS that are poised to outpercontact-us.htm the market. I've had very good results by using the tools provided by stockdiagnostics. You can try their service free for 30 days by clicking on this link:. Stock Trading tools at -- 30 day free trial

The paragraph below about OPS is old. But looks where Amazon was trading when OPS indicated a buy! Look at it now! Over $100 per share!

OPS helped me make some nice trades with Amazon! Here's a quote about Amazon from the stockdiagnostics website: " was trading at $16.79 per share when it reported positive OPS (green bars) for the first time in 3 years and negative EPS (gray bars) for its 12-months ended 3/31/02. Amazon's OPS was also an all time record for any of its previous 12-month periods.

Since then it has maintained its positive OPS and its negative EPS and its share price closed at $21.13 on February 12, 2003, a 25.8% increase even though it had not generated positive EPS for any single quarter in its history." StockDiagnostics keeps cash flow data on more than 10,000 companies; it is the exclusive publisher of OPS data.

Ten companies featured by the OPS newsletter have had buyouts! THER had been featured in IBD (Investors Business Daily). I looked up the special OPS rating for THER and was pleasantly surprised to see that OPS strongly confirmed THER as a buy. (It so nice when you have multiple indicators tells you the same thing. I decided to buy it. Shortly after that I was delighted to see it has gapped up about 30% in one day. Luck? Perhaps. But it seems luck is on your side when you pick companies with strong OPS.

Here's a note about THER from January 13, 2004 -- Therasense, Inc. (NASDAQ:THER:$26.69) announced that it is being acquired by Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) today (1-13-4) and its shares are up 100% since it was featured in the OPS Newsletter as the "OPS Sapling of the Week" on (10-20-03).

Therasense, Inc. is the tenth company since December of 2002, which was bought out after being featured in's OPS Newsletter. The Therasense buyout also marks the second OPS Sapling to be acquired by Abbott Laboratories within the last 30 days. OPS Sapling, iStat (NASDAQ:STAT) was featured in the December 9, 2003, issue of the OPS Newsletter and it was also purchased by Abbott six days later on December 15, 2003.

About the OPS Newsletter buyouts:

Five of the ten companies which were featured in the OPS Newsletter were acquired within 10 days of being featured include Lending Tree (NASDAQ:TREE:$26.07) and, both of which were bought out by Barry Diller's company, Interactive Corp (NASDAQ:IACI:$38) for gains of 90% and 212% respectively. Two others, OPS Bargain, was bought out by Reuters within seven days after it was featured in the OPS Newsletter representing a gain of 60% and Numerical Technologies (NASDAQ:NMTC) was bought out in January 2003, for a 90% gain six days after being named as an "OPS Seedling". i-Stat Corporation (NASDAQ:STAT) was acquired by Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) in December 2003 and its shares increased by 25% over the price it was featured in the OPS Newsletter.

Four additional companies also received buy out offers after being featured in the OPS Newsletter. They include two that were featured in the same issue of the OPS Newsletter, Practiceworks (NASDAQ:PRWK) which was bought out by Eastman Kodak (NYSE:EK) for a gain of 155% and Ramsay Youth Services (NASDAQ:RYOU) which was acquired for a gain of 38%. Both were featured in the same January 21, 2003, issue of the OPS Newsletter. The remaining two buy outs include Overture (NASDAQ:OVER:) which was bought out by Yahoo for a gain of 111% and RMH Teleservices (NASDAQ:RMHT) which is expected to show a gain of 10% after the buyout it announced in November of 2003 is completed.

I strongly suggest you take a Stock Diagnostics Service. You can look at the special charts showing OPS incontact-us.htmation and attending daily training sessions via phone.

Color Coded Views of the Stock Market

See which sectors are doing well at

Heat Map of Exchange Traded Funds ( ETFs ) -- Note there are also many other useful features on this NasDaq website. For example, checkout premarket ratings for Exchange Traded Funds, read stock trading market news -- all free.


Scanning the Entire Stock Market in Seconds

TC2000 a system for scanning the entire market in seconds. You can get a Free Trial of TC2000 Stock Charting software by clicking here.


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