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MagicET will enhance your understanding of Chapter 5: Intervals in the book What Makes Music Work


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A powerful MIDI software program that will let you create and study music is now available. You can record acoustical musical instruments and combine those recordings with MIDI recording.A bonus is that Music theory lessons will be available to complement the core program. For more information, click here.


Ear Training, Music Theory, Perfect Pitch, Relative Pitch Training

Magic Ear Trainer &
Hip Hop Ear Training CD
(Better Together)

ear training, music theory,  perfect pitch, relative  pitch

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Why study ear training? To enhance your improvistational skills, sing better. Tune your instrument better and faster. Hear musical ideas in your mind and translate them into notes or musical performance. Learning to recognize musical intervals can you help achieve these goals. MagicET will almost "magically" teach you to recognize musical intervals using a special method not found in other programs.. (An interval is the distance between two notes.)

How does it work? The MagicET software program randomly picks two tones from a wide range of pitches and then plays them for you using your computer's MIDI (music instrument digital interface). MagicET then asks you to name the interval. You can ask MagicET to repeat the interval or play a hint before you answer.

Ear Training takes practice. If you want to accelrate your ear training program, you may want to also get the Hip Hop Ear Training CD -- the perfect companion to MagicEar Trainer. .

The Hip Hop Ear Training CD

The Hip Hop Ear Training CD will TRAIN your musical ear to hear to intervals, notes and even chord progressions that you hear everyday on the radio just by listening to the CD. Imagine being able to hear a song from the radio, and having the ability to hear intuitively which notes, or chords are being played!

Imagine being able to hear a melody line and replicate it with expert ease and efficiency! It is not a myth, musicians around the world do it everyday! Its called training your ear! The best part about it is that your musical ear will improve as you listen.

Just by listening to this disk a few times, say at work, or in the car on road will benefit substantially and noice real progress toward attaining that golden ear for hearing music that everyone wants.

This Ear Training disk is much more than just your average boring Ear Training Disk. It presents exercises in exciting and interesting voices, and even has a singer singing notes! The circle of fifths, fourths, and various universal chord progressions are among the extras you will get from this disk. Not to mention the killer drumtracks that keep things interesting. The Drums are panned to the right of the audio tracks, so you have the option of panning them out too if wish! These drums make the exercises much more interesting to listen to...and in our opinion, that is the failure of most Ear Training CD's -- they are so boring to listen to! The Hip Hop CD is both fun to listen to and very easy to learn with! It is truly the hippest Ear Training CD you will ever buy!

Each ear training exercise comes equipped with hip hop drums panned to the right and ear training notes panned to the Left. You are free to pan out the drums or the ear training parts individually if you wish.

The first section of this disk presents single note ear training. The second part focuses on interval training, and will better your grasp of musical intervals. The third part consists of drone notes that allow you to meditate on tonality and perfect your ear. The Fourth section showcases 5 of the most common chord progressions in C major and five in C minor. This CD is perfect for those long drives in the car when you have nothing to do but listen to CD's.

If you are a serious musician, then you know that it is all about efficiency when it come to getting work done in the studio. This disk will train your musical ear to hear music like the pro's do! So what are you waiting for! Get your disk today and start LEARNING!

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