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Books on Elliott Wave Theory
For Stock Trading

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R.N. Elliott's Masterworks: The Definitive Collection

This book uses charts from the 1930's. It helps to solve the problem of analyzing long bear markets, where it is crucial to count waves correctly. One reader says:

"The book helped my timing immensely, so that I don't get caught in false bottoms anymore and can recognize the top of markets, especially with respect to stock trading volume. The writer is at his best when relating to the market and analyzing trends. There is a long biography included in this volume, which I found tedious and boring. His analysis does have some contradictions, however, the charts he presents should help anyone with a high school education and good visual skills become a better trader"

Dynamic Trader -- a book on using Fibonacci, Gann and Elliott

How to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time

This book shows how to count waves for swing and daytrading. It does not focus on long term trading. The author labels charts in great detail to show how every wave can be counted. Waves are said to fit a "template" given in the book. One reviewer says:

"I have found this templete matching invaluable in my own trading especially in day trading. The book does not attack long term wave counts but methodically describes how to get on to corrections within the trend at the lowest risk.
...This is a simple but powerful, step by step method that is easy to follow and fits the needs of active traders who want to make an accurate trade now rather than go through the esoteric exercise of guessing where the market will be..." I can strongly recommend this book. "


Mastering Elliot Wave: Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with the Elliott Wave Theory (version 2)

This book is apparently one of the classics on Elliott wave. Highly detailed and a tough read. One reviewer says:

"Good, but heavy reading.
You want to know Elliott Wave theory better than you know the menu at McDonald's? This is the book to study. Figures, facts, rules,'s all here. Don't expect the wisdom to come easily though. This is seriously hard stuff to absorb. If you do absorb it however, you'll KNOW the markets..."

The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the New Science of Socionomics

This book goes beyond applying wave theory to stocks and applies it to human behavior in general. What drives our social mood? Our actions? Our motivations? Can we look into the make-up of the universe and apply it to who we are and what we do? The answers to these questions are to be found in the new science of socionomics.

Socionomics evolved from the Wave Principle, a theory of patterns in financial markets. Now Robert Prechter proposes that this very same principle can be applied to our own social and cultural lives. Prechter shows that dominant aspects of our unconscious mentation are characterized by measurable patterns. Those patterns form the building blocks of humankind's social interaction, and in turn, the Wave Principle.

"WOW stuff! Prechter is doing the most creative work that I have seen in my career on Wall Street." –John R. Greeley, professional market analyst, co-founder, Market Technicians Association "Spectacular. I was absolutely impressed. A most brilliant work." –David Johnson, PhD, MD

"Congratulations to Robert Prechter for his interesting, insightful and trail-blazing work. Anyone willing to take the time to read this volume will be rewarded with a new understanding of human behavior, markets and events." –Tom Spradley, retired college mathematics professor

"Learning about socionomics has proven to be one of those rare intellectual epiphanies that results in an absolute change in the direction of my life. So much about the human experience that had mystified me all of my adult life seems so clear now, so understandable – even to the point of being predictable." –Jack Hobson-Dupont, President, Monadyne Corp.

"I love this theory. Socionomics is sure to be a primary reference source for quite some time. The volume and value of analysis that Prechter has conducted is something hard to over-appreciate. There should be university courses and degrees in the science of socionomics and perhaps Nobel Prize winners as well. I recommend many readings of the book to appreciate it in depth." Professor Valeri Safonov, PhD, former First Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs of USSR and economist with the Russian Embassies in Canada and India

NOTE: To save money on long distance calls, click here. State to state 4.5 per minute, no monthly fees. Great International rates, for example Japan: 9 cents a min; China, 7 cents. Rates within states vary. California: 3.9, New Jersey 5.9 (rates as of October, 2002)

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