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Chord Chemistry (Guitar Chords)

Buy Chord Chemistry from Amazon now. -- A reader from Dallas, Texas: "I bought this book back in 1971 when I was a teenager taking guitar lessons from Ted at a small studio in the San Fenando Valley. Even though I play primarily blues and rock it's still tremendously helpful to know how to put together interesting chords. Many people think this is a jazz book, but it's a theory book. All genres of music can benefit from understanding theory. The book looks intimidating at first, but use Ted's first rule and be PATIENT, persist through the book, and you'll be the best guitarist on your block no matter what genre of music you play. "

A reader from Austrailia writes: "The book is all about chords and chord theory for guitarists. You don't need a huge amount of theory knowledge to get started with the material presented in this book, nor do you necessarily need to be able to read music (only one part of the book requires reading skills), however the learning curve is very steep through this book and it is definitely not a book that one works through in a 'lesson one, lesson two' fashion. Rather one would attempt to "absorb a few ideas at a time," as Mr Greene suggests.

On the matter of music reading, it is clear that the author has intended the book be useful to the widest audience possible by not requiring music reading on the most part. Although this is a positive thing is many respects, it also severely impedes upon what can successfully be presented. Also, if one were serious about learning this sort of material, not learning to read music would only impede one's progress."

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