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Hustle Line Dance

Besides being a popular partner dance, hustle ws also a line dance. Recently it has become popular again. Many people now want to have a hustle line dance at their home parties, but don't know how to do it. If that's you, then order Phil's online hustle dance video. It's only $12.95! To order click the following link:

Hustle Line Dance Video


Hustle Dancing
All About "Partner Disco"
as well as the Hustle Line Dance

hustle line dance video. hustle lessons
Hustle is one of the "partner" disco dances that developed in 1970's, although some claim to have been teaching it in the late 1960's. There are many kinds of hustle, but today, the one that most people seem to be doing today is often called the 3-count hustle, or New York hustle. The other forms of hustle seemed to have vanished. In a way is too bad that this has happened. I know I can't restore the glory days of hustle, but at least I can help document the various kinds of hustle that people were doing in days of old -- in the previous century! I still enjoy doing some of these older kinds of hustle today, partly because I enjoy variety, but mainly because I'm a maverick and hate following the crowd.

New York Hustle. According to The Official Guide to Disco Dance Steps. by Jack and Kathleen Villari (Domus Books, 1978), New York Hustle was in 4 counts and involved just steps and touches. The basic step was: step side, touch together, step other side, step together. Typically this would be repeated and would be called Section 1.

Section 2. After the basic hustle step, the leader would open up and roll his part out to his right side. Then he would shift weight to this left foot his left foot (1) and then (2) touch with his right, while still in this opened-up position.


NOTE: In this drawing
the leader has not yet
transferred his weight
onto this left foot.for count 1.


On count 3, the leader would step with his right foot and lead his partner to face him again. On step 4, he would do another touch with his left foot while facing his partner. Four beats 5, 6, 7 8, the couple would repeat the basic step.

Section 3. For section 3, the couple would do a double roll-out. That is just repeat the roll-out immediately without going to a basic step. (They called the roll-out an "open break.")

Section 4. This section called for an under arm turn to the right followed by a basic step. After mastering these 32 beats, couples would vary the dance by modifying Section 4. For example, the leader might turn under his own arm to the left, or both partners might turn, the follower to the right and the leader to the left.

Continental Hustle

The Continental Hustle was a 6 beat pattern.. To make this pattern the dancers just added two walking steps to the end of the New York Hustle. The leader would either walk straight forward, or backward.

In one version of the Conteinental Hustle, there were 6 sections.(I'll expland on these in the next edition of this article.)

Other kinds of hustle included:

Latin Hustle
Latine Hustle Plus
Tango Hustle

Other "partner disco dances" in the 1970's and 80's included:

Swing (simply East Coast swing done to a disco beat)
Lover Swing (a few beginner level steps added on to "swing"
Double Strut, and
Chicago Strut

(I'll add more details on these hustle variations, later, as well as describe some of my favorite current hustle steps.

Looking back at some of the old hustle documents, it's funny how the people in those times thought that disco and hustle were the only kind of dancing that existed. They wrote things like:"People used to dance rumba and cha-cha."

Three Count Hustle. -- New York "Street Hustle." The rhythm of 3 count hustle is & 1 2 3. (Some count it as 1 2 & 3.) This is rather strange, since the music has 4 beats per measure. This means that count 1 of the dance measure keeps shifting in relation to the beat within the musical measure. This can drive a musician who is just learning to dance crazy, because he or she expects the dance steps to have a degree of consistency with the musical meter. An easier, more relaxed form of hustle has 4 counts and each count matches with the musical count. Most people now dance 3-count hustle. It is really much more exciting and more eneregetic than 4 count hustle. When teaching a lady to dance hustle, who has never danced before I will usually start her off with 4 count hustle and she can immediately dance it and have fun. After a while, if she gets the 4-count hustle really well, I'll switch to 3 count hustle and often she will be able to follow me. If not, I switch back to the easier, more relaxing 4 count hustle.

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