The Formal Style of Tango Dance

Tango can be considered as the dance of love. That is because if you are watching a couple dancing the tango, you will be able to feel the intimacy on their movements. If you cannot feel that, then you can be sure that those tango dancers are not intimate enough to show the best of their tango. For your information, tango has another similar style that can be considered as something rather casual. It is the salsa. Because of the style is a bit similar, many people consider these two dances as the same thing, though that is not true. For your information, tango is something quite formal in many ways.

You need to know that tango is quite formal in many ways compared with salsa. One example can be seen from the kind of dress that the dancers are wearing. If you are taking a closer look, you will notice that the dresses are considered as something high class; the best suit and the best dress. That is because the origin of tango came from those people with wealth. That is why you will never see someone with casual style doing the tango.

As an addition to that, tango is also something that has the kind of patented movements. If you think that dancing tango is just about moving your body in a fast pace, you are totally wrong. That is because you need to learn the basic steps and movements on this dance.

It is not like salsa that can give you the freedom to move your body as long as you are following to the music. That is one reason why there are people who join the tango class, but not the salsa class. That is because they need to learn the basic movements before they can start the advance ones.