The Different Things between Tango and Salsa

There are not many people who really realize what the difference between salsa and tango is. The main reason is because these two different dances come from Latin America and these two dances are also quite similar in term of movements. However, there is one thing that you can use as the main difference between these two dances. It is the formality of the dance. That is something that you need to understand because the formality of these two dances are quite different.

For your information, if you are watching people doing tango, you will mostly end up with the fact that the dancers are wearing the kind of formal suit and dress. That is the meaning of formality. On the other hand, when you are watching the salsa dance, the things that the dancers wear are quite casual. It is a bit informal. That is why you can simply say that tango is the kind of formal style while salsa is the informal style. For your consideration, this kind of thing might also be caused by the fact that salsa used to be danced on the urban area where there are not many wealthy people who live there.

The Different Things between Tango and SalsaAs an addition to the formality of the dress, the movements of these two dances are also quite different. Many people will not notice that, but if you are taking a closer look of these two different dances, you will notice that tango has a kind of patent of movements that are repeated over and over again. It is not like salsa that focuses on the freedom of the movements. That is why many people think that salsa is the kind of rebellious parts of tango. Do you really think that salsa is the informal and rebellions side of tango?