Why Salsa is Better than Tango

Why Salsa is Better than Tango – There are not many people who realized that salsa and tango are two different kinds of dance. That is because these two dances came from the southern region of America. That is why a lot of people think that these two dances are similar. Even though, these two dances are actually two different things. As a matter of fact, there are some people who said that salsa is better than tango in some cases. If you are wondering why those people said the thing, then you will need to know the reasons why salsa is better than tango.

For the start, it is because of the health factor. There are not many people who think about this a lot because they only focus on the way they move their body. Yes, the movement in salsa is considered as something fast. The tempo is also faster compared with tango. As the result, you have to move your body based on the fast beat of the music. In short, you have to move a lot. Yes, the more you move when you are dancing salsa, the more calorie that you burn. That is why many salsa dancers have a good body shape.

The second one is because it is something very casual. This is one fact that you cannot deny. You can easily find people doing salsa in many bars and cafes in southern America region. That is because salsa is quite identical with the local culture of the middle to low class people. However, there are also some fancy occasions where you can find people doing salsa. As the result, this kind of dance should be something quite casual that you can do even on the street. It is different from tango that requires the fancy atmosphere to start dancing.

The last reason is because you do not need to be that intimate with your partner when you are doing salsa. If you ever notice, chemistry is everything in partner dance. The same thing is applied in salsa. However, the chemistry is not like a couple or something like that. It is a kind of funny and friendly chemistry. That is why you can find two people doing salsa with a lot of smiles on their face. That is because they do it with a lot of fun. This is why you can easily find salsa partner. As a matter of fact, there are some salsa dancers who danced with complete stranger.