2 Things You Need To Know As A Connoisseur Of Salsa Dance Performances

Have you ever watched a Salsa dance show, or have you ever played one? For your information, this dance is indeed a type of Latin dance that has influenced many types of dance in the world. Salsa dance is also becoming increasingly popular because of its energetic, dynamic, and agile movements. In addition, this dance is usually accompanied by Salsa music from Cuba, which adds to the excitement of this dance.

Basically Salsa music is a mixed type of music that gets its elements from traditional African and Cuban music which is also coupled with rhythms from Latin America. Salsa dance is also actually influenced by various dances such as Abakua, Cha Cha, Guaracha, Mambo, Rumba, Palo Monte, and Yambu.

  1. Salsa Dance Movements
    The way to do Salsa dance is in pairs, although there is also Salsa dance that is performed individually. In addition, Salsa dance can also be performed in pairs in a group. There are important differences between Salsa dance and Samba dance. Salsa dance is a type of dance that is performed on the spot. The pair of Salsa dancers don’t do much movement around the dance floor. They only dance in certain areas.
    In Salsa dance, the dancers move their entire body, as well as their arms, shoulders, legs, and hips. The movements in Salsa dance can be modified or added by the dancers quite freely. Because of its movements, Salsa dance is often considered as one of the fun and healthy sports movements. The patterns in Salsa dance that rely a lot on the movement of the waist and legs can make a person’s body become slimmer and slimmer.
    In the Salsa dance, the dancers use a rhythm of eight beats, which is divided into two bars, one of which consists of four beats. In general, to perform Salsa dance, three steps are used for every four beats, where one beat is skipped. Even so, the missed beats are usually also marked by movements in the form of foot jerks, flicks, kicks, or other movements. In this case, Salsa music itself also uses a percussion rhythm that is quite complicated and also fast, which is around 180 beats per minute.
  2. Salsa Dance Styles
    There are several styles that can be used in playing Salsa dance. In simple terms, this dance is usually divided into Los Angeles-style Salsa dance and Cuban-style Salsa dance. The difference between the two lies in the movements in it. Salsa dance in Cuban style has more varied movements, while Salsa dance in Los Angeles style must be performed in a certain standard or pattern. However, compared to Cuban-style Salsa dance, Los Angeles Salsa dance has a higher level of difficulty, especially for the female dancers. This is because Cuban style Salsa dance can be considered as a folk dance or social dance, where this dance is performed by many people from different backgrounds.
    In this case, a man in Salsa dance is a leader in dance movements. Therefore, in this dance a male dancer is required to be better in mastering the movement and in initiating a movement, although of course this dance does not have to be performed in pairs.
    Such is the movement and style of Salsa dancing which is usually demonstrated in pairs. In this case, there is one more interesting thing, namely the feminine figure of a female dancer needs to be highlighted. That’s the reason why female Salsa dancers usually wear shoes that have high heels.