Tango Dance

Getting to Know About Tango Dance

Tango dance is a type of dance native to Latin America. This dance came to the fore in the 1800s. This dance is performed in pairs, namely male and female which has a considerable influence on culture in Europe and Africa. There are also those who say that this dance is the result of the fusion of several immigrants from European countries, such as African culture that entered through the Cross-Atlantic trade route. As such, it greatly influences dance, music, culture, and more. The movement of this dance is quite dynamic which can create a very passionate and romantic atmosphere for anyone who does it.

The History of Tango Dance
Tango itself comes from the city of Buenos Aires & Montovideo which is in Rio de la Plata. This is an area located on the border area of ​​Argentina and Uruguay. Because this Tanggo first appeared and was used in 1890. This means if this word comes from a Latin tangere which means to touch.

This dance, which comes from the lower classes, is growing very quickly and is known by the public. Similar to theater, this dance also develops in suburbs and slums in European countries, especially among Italian, Spanish, and French immigrants. Among these immigrants, there are those of African descent and there are also those who are natives of the area known as the Criollos. It was originally considered a custom, belief and ceremony of the people. Until now it has become a habit that has become the identity of Latin American society. In fact, this dance is getting more and more popular nowadays.

Types of Tango Dance
This Tango dance is divided into two types, namely Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango. The distinguishing factor is intimacy. Tango Ballroom or also known as Tango International is a dance that is danced by male and female dancers who stick together. This dance is usually performed by a pair of lovers. On the other hand, the Argentine tango dance is a dance whose movements are more organized and elegant with a little distance where not all parts attach to the dancer pair.

Tango Rhythm
Tango dance is referred to as a social dance in Latin America. This dance has a beat of 2/4 rhythm using a medium tempo. This dance movement can be used to attract because it is done with steps that can give the impression that is quite exotic and also tempting. The music for this dance accompaniment is combined from 4 types of musical instruments such as instruments from Germany and Bandoneon, Violin, Flute and guitar. This is one of the typical musical accompaniments of the tango dance.

Tango costume
The clothes used in the tango dance are comfortable clothes and can be used to move freely. The clothes are designed in various ways and are also attached to the body. This is because these tango dancers will tend to move more dynamically and also require them to be able to move and dance with more freedom of movement. So, the materials used for the costumes must be supportive. Costumes are designed not to be too heavy or too stiff. The material used must also be a material derived from Lycra, chiffon and satin. There are also additional brocade trinkets as an additional decoration of this costume.

Dance Performances

2 Things You Need To Know As A Connoisseur Of Salsa Dance Performances

Have you ever watched a Salsa dance show, or have you ever played one? For your information, this dance is indeed a type of Latin dance that has influenced many types of dance in the world. Salsa dance is also becoming increasingly popular because of its energetic, dynamic, and agile movements. In addition, this dance is usually accompanied by Salsa music from Cuba, which adds to the excitement of this dance.

Basically Salsa music is a mixed type of music that gets its elements from traditional African and Cuban music which is also coupled with rhythms from Latin America. Salsa dance is also actually influenced by various dances such as Abakua, Cha Cha, Guaracha, Mambo, Rumba, Palo Monte, and Yambu.

  1. Salsa Dance Movements
    The way to do Salsa dance is in pairs, although there is also Salsa dance that is performed individually. In addition, Salsa dance can also be performed in pairs in a group. There are important differences between Salsa dance and Samba dance. Salsa dance is a type of dance that is performed on the spot. The pair of Salsa dancers don’t do much movement around the dance floor. They only dance in certain areas.
    In Salsa dance, the dancers move their entire body, as well as their arms, shoulders, legs, and hips. The movements in Salsa dance can be modified or added by the dancers quite freely. Because of its movements, Salsa dance is often considered as one of the fun and healthy sports movements. The patterns in Salsa dance that rely a lot on the movement of the waist and legs can make a person’s body become slimmer and slimmer.
    In the Salsa dance, the dancers use a rhythm of eight beats, which is divided into two bars, one of which consists of four beats. In general, to perform Salsa dance, three steps are used for every four beats, where one beat is skipped. Even so, the missed beats are usually also marked by movements in the form of foot jerks, flicks, kicks, or other movements. In this case, Salsa music itself also uses a percussion rhythm that is quite complicated and also fast, which is around 180 beats per minute.
  2. Salsa Dance Styles
    There are several styles that can be used in playing Salsa dance. In simple terms, this dance is usually divided into Los Angeles-style Salsa dance and Cuban-style Salsa dance. The difference between the two lies in the movements in it. Salsa dance in Cuban style has more varied movements, while Salsa dance in Los Angeles style must be performed in a certain standard or pattern. However, compared to Cuban-style Salsa dance, Los Angeles Salsa dance has a higher level of difficulty, especially for the female dancers. This is because Cuban style Salsa dance can be considered as a folk dance or social dance, where this dance is performed by many people from different backgrounds.
    In this case, a man in Salsa dance is a leader in dance movements. Therefore, in this dance a male dancer is required to be better in mastering the movement and in initiating a movement, although of course this dance does not have to be performed in pairs.
    Such is the movement and style of Salsa dancing which is usually demonstrated in pairs. In this case, there is one more interesting thing, namely the feminine figure of a female dancer needs to be highlighted. That’s the reason why female Salsa dancers usually wear shoes that have high heels.
Tango Dance from Argentina

3 Things You Need to Know About the History of Tango Dance from Argentina

Have you ever seen a pair of dancers doing a tango dance? His movements that look very fun and energetic with lots of showing leg flexibility will certainly make anyone who watches it entertained. Tango dance is already popular all over the world. This dance is also one of the best types of dance to be performed in pairs.
Even the tango dance also has great health benefits. In several studies conducted in two different countries, namely in the United States and in Canada, it is stated that doing the tango dance is positively beneficial for people with Parkinson’s disease.
This benefit comes from the movements in the tango dance that can improve body stability and balance and help form good posture. In addition to these special benefits, like sports and physical activity in general, tango dance is also very beneficial for physical and mental health.
Now to find out more about the tango dance, in this article, we will discuss the history and movements of this dance. Here’s the description.

La Boca: Where the Tango Dance Appeared
Perhaps it is common knowledge that the tango dance originated in Argentina, the country from which tango music also originates. In addition, it can also be said that this tango dance is one of the most famous products of Argentine culture in foreign countries.
Tango dance dates back to the late 19th century. At that time in Argentina carried out the abolition of the slavery system. At the same time, Argentina is also a destination country for many immigrants from various countries, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. These immigrants played a role in increasing the rate of economic growth in Argentina.

It just so happens that Buenos Aires, as the capital city, is the city where the majority of immigrants live. At that time, the genre of music that was popular in Argentina was the genre of Habanera and Guajira music. This genre of music is influenced by musical styles originating from Africa and Latin America.
However, with the increasing level of the economy, not all residents of Buenos Aires become prosperous. Immigrants who are still not prosperous live on the outskirts with residents who were former slaves, namely in the La Boca area not far from the port. This is a lesson in itself, because this is where the tango style of music and dance comes from. Formerly this music and dance was called by the name “La Milonga”.

Early Tango History
At the beginning of its appearance, this dance is usually only played by men. It’s not that women aren’t interested or forbidden to do so. It’s just that at that time, in the La Boca area, the majority of the population was male, so it was very rare for women to do it there.
Slowly, this dance continues to be developed by adding variations to the movement both when performed individually or in pairs.

Tango Dance Development
In the early 20th century, several tango songs spread to Paris. Uniquely, these songs are spread orally, by word of mouth, rather than through writing. Since then, the tango dance has gained a place among the people of Paris. In addition, tango also became popular in some circles of the bourgeoisie. Since being popular in the French capital, tango has slowly become a more respected type of dance. Tango music which usually only uses guitar and drums is then also equipped with the use of instruments such as piano, violin, and bandoneon.

Such is the history and transformation of the tango dance. The dance, which is influenced by elements of Latin America and Africa, is now becoming popular in Europe and also throughout the world.

Things to Notice Before You Start Learning Tango and Salsa

Tango and salsa dance can be defined as the most recommended dances that you better learn for sure. You can do both of your dances with your partner, so that you will never find them so hard to do. Not only that, they can help you to burn your fat and calories to improve the quality of your health. However, there are actually several things that you have to notice before you want to start learning tango and salsa dance. What are they? Let’s figure them out below.

The Energy while Doing the Dances
The first thing that you have to notice before you learn tango and salsa dance is the energy while doing the dances. You have to keep it in your mind that both of tango and salsa dances will require much of your energy as they will make you work hard and sweat a lot. Based on this fact, it is actually no wonder if many people think that these dances can be the other version of physical exercises that is good for your cardio. In addition to this, it is so much recommended for you to eat your meals before you start to tango or salsa dance practice session. So then, you will be ready to move your body to the exciting music with no problem.

Its Fast Movements
Furthermore, the second thing that you have to consider before starting learning tango and salsa dance is its fast movements. Well, tango and salsa dances will require you to do lots of fast paced moves in order to suit the high tempo music. You cannot ignore this particular thing because it is actually quite hard to do as there are money people cannot follow the fast pace well. So, if you really want to learn the dances, you better prepare yourself for its marvelous moves. Thus, you will be able to dance the fast pace with no difficulties at all.

Taking a Tango or Salsa Class
Moreover, it will be a very excellent idea for you to take a tango and salsa class mainly if you want to learn those dances to the next level. By doing this, you will get the suitable facilities that you need to improve your dancing skills in the best way possible. Even better, you will be able to find the right partner while learning dance, which is so much more fun than you practice dancing alone. So, there is no reason for you to join the class.

Trick To Learn Advanced Salsa Dancing Patterns

Trick To Learn Advanced Salsa Dancing Patterns

Trick To Learn Advanced Salsa Dancing Patterns – Recently, many people fall for salsa dance and they want to master the tricks as soon as possible. Starting from watching tutorial video for beginner, they are craving for more advanced steps. It is adorable to see the spirit, but they might need more than that to master the more difficult steps.
– Listen and Respond to the Rhythm
Many dancers might have noticed that salsa is all about moving sharply following the rhythm. Therefore, this is the first homework for the dancers. Remember, no matter how they admire another dancer, the skills would not be transferred immediately. The dancers should be reacted naturally to the rhythm.

How to do this? The dancers could start by shadowing the professional dancers. Take the sessions where the more advanced dancers open classes for beginners. Don’t be discouraged when you take a step a little slower; it is normal for the start.

– Pick the Right Time to Move: Find the Beat
There is a basic difference between dancing on the beat and dancing to the beat. This is a little tricky concept to digest, but the dancers cannot ignore the theory. If the beat is mathematical formula, then it is something that dictates the movement of the dancer.

If every salsa dancers dance to the beat, then all salsa performance would be a carbon copy. This is not how salsa is supposed to be interpreted. By dancing on the beat, the dancers have more freedom to interpret and add more variation to the steps. Using the same logic, the casino online players in Sbobet also have the freedom to choose their game of the day.

– Repeat the Practice
One more tip for the dancers who want to learn advanced salsa dance steps: there will be no great result without repeated and regular practice. Being able to master it once won’t be enough. Hit the dance floor as often as the dancers can.

Salsa dance incorporates a lot of steps that match with the beat. That what makes salsa so sexy and enchanting. Watching the performance and being the actual dancer are two different things, so make sure to be prepared before taking the advanced class. Practice the rhythm and beat until you master them!

Practice Salsa No Partner No Problem

Practice Salsa: No Partner No Problem

Practice Salsa: No Partner No Problem – It needs two to Salsa, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot get better at salsa if you practice without a partner. Learning salsa by yourself can be very important because you can focus more on your moves and you can learn every time you want. Here are some things you need to do to get better at salsa.
– Mastering the Basic Steps of Salsa
The first thing you need to practice if you want to get better at salsa is to master the basic steps. The basic steps here will help you to get used to salsa and you can develop the techniques easily later. The basics of salsa require the correct footwork and foot placement, and you can do those things easily by focusing on your foot during your practice.

You need to make sure that you can move your foot precisely to the next step. With the right balance, you can move your feet and master the footwork so that you can dance well. You also need to try doing the basic steps by turning on the music. By doing so, you can easily recognize the beat and calculate the right time to move. It is also the same when you play poker online because you need to calculate your movement well.

– Working on the Techniques of Salsa
After you have mastered the basics of salsa, you need to work on your body movements and the other techniques of salsa. The techniques will make a great difference in your dance and it will make the dance look more lively. By learning the techniques, you can move smoothly and you can lead your partner in the same way throughout the dance.

Practice Salsa

– Practice by Yourself
The key to successfully master salsa is to increase your practice hours. During the practice, you can combine the basics and the techniques together. Not only does it make you get better at salsa, but you can also easily spot the mistakes when you master the dance well. Practicing salsa alone can significantly make you dance better and later on, the dance will make your partner dance better as well. It starts from yourself and with constant practice, you will be the master of salsa in no time.

The Advantages of Learning Tango Dance

The Advantages of Learning Tango Dance

Tango dance has been known so well as one of the most popular dances in the world. This beautiful dance has attracted the attention of the people because it can offer you the different excitements that you cannot get from any other dances. So then, it is actually no wonder if there are so many people who really want to learn this amazing dance. Besides, learning tango dance can offer you the remarkable advantages that you will love so much. Well, in case you are so curious about them, it will be better for you to keep reading below.
– Improve Your Creativity
The first of many advantages you can get from learning tango dance is that it can improve your creativity. The moves of tango dance will make you feel a connection to the dance floor, the music, and also your partner. So then, you can really feel the groove and move your body freely as you can do the gestures more comfortably and naturally at the same time. Then, it can be so much better if you add your own moves especially if you can do the other dances such as salsa, samba, and so on. By doing so, you will be able to amaze everyone who sees you because they find your move is so creative and attractive at once.

– Interact with Others through Tango
Moreover, the second advantage of learning tango dance is that it will allow you to interact with the other people through the dance. You can build a good friendship with your tango dancing partner and the community as well. Then, you will find that this kind of community is so fun and respectful towards each other. Even better, you will also have the chances to know each other in the better way as it plays about four songs in a row. You can use this opportunity to have a nice conversation with your partners between the songs. Thus, in the end, you can reduce the awkward situation among the fellow dancers.

Tango Dance

– Discover the Playfulness of Tango
The last but not least, you can discover the playfulness while you are doing it. This cool Latin dance will be focused on the connection in the dance and expressing the feelings through the moves. Then, the meditative elements of the dance will guide you to find the deep emotion in order to make you feel relieved somehow. So, you will see that tango can bring you the positive impacts more than you think.

Tips on Learning Tango for Beginner

Tips on Learning Tango for Beginner

Tips on Learning Tango for Beginner – Tango can be considered as one slow and romantic dance that you can try with your partner. That is because this kind of dance shows the intimacy of the dancers. That is why you will always find tango dancers who dance in couple. Unfortunately, there are some people who want to learn tango without being known by their couple. That is because they are still a beginner. If you are one of those people with the same purpose, then you need to learn these tips first. https://multibet88.online have give tips from are quite good for those who have never learned tango before, there a online lesson for who still have limited time.

The first tip that you can try is watching the real tango dance on your own. This is the first tip that you need to do because you need to know how those dancers really dance. You need to know the kind of atmosphere when you are watching those dancers do the tango. As the result, you will also feel the atmosphere when you are going to do the tango later on. The second tip is to get into a tango class. When you are entering a tango class, you should choose a nice class with professional trainer. It does not matter if you are totally beginner on this kind of field. It is because at one point of your training, you will reach the level where you need a better tutor to teach you tango.

The last tip is to try doing tango with your own couple for at least once in a while. This is important because tango needs chemistry. If you are in love with your partner and so does your partner, your tango will look better. That is why you need to try doing tango once in a while with your couple. Besides that, when you are getting used to tango with your couple, you can even do tango with your couple blindfolded.

Salsa and Tango Differences That Only Few People Know

Salsa and Tango Differences That Only Few People Know

Salsa and Tango Differences That Only Few People Know – Salsa and tango are two dances that are quite famous in southern parts of America. As a matter of fact, some people even think that these two dances are the identity of southern America. Even though, for those who have deeper understanding of these two dances, they realized that these two dances are not the same. Yes, there are some things that you can use to differentiate these two dances. If you want to know how to differentiate salsa and tango, then you can try some of these things.

The first one is the atmosphere of the dance. This is the most important of all that you can do if you want to differentiate salsa and tango. In salsa dance, you can expect to have the crowd impression from the room. That is because salsa is also known as the party dance. That is why you cannot have the quiet dance atmosphere when you are doing salsa. On the other hand, tango is the opposite. It is true that you can still get a partner to do tango. Even though, you will feel the more quiet impression and atmosphere from the dance. Learn more about tango dance and guide from , you can find a pro dancer to be a partner in here.

Salsa and Tango

The second one is the movement. When you are observing these two different dances, you will notice that salsa is something rather fast in term of movement. From the tempo of the music and also the movement, you can see that this dance is something very active. As the result, you will need to move a lot when you are doing salsa. Meanwhile, for tango, you do not need to do a lot of things. It is true that you still have to move a lot when you are doing tango. Yet, you can do it on the slower tempo. That is why you are not going to sweat a lot when you are doing tango.

The last one is the romance. Who can see the romance? These two dances can. Yes, you can easily know if two persons are in romance from these two dances. For your information, tango is quite identical with the romance. That is because there are many times when you have to stay close with your partner. That is why people who do not have an emotional relationship will find it hard to do the tango dance with their partner. On the other hand, you can do salsa perfectly even when you have to dance with a complete stranger.

Why Salsa is Better than Tango

Why Salsa is Better than Tango

Why Salsa is Better than Tango – There are not many people who realized that salsa and tango are two different kinds of dance. That is because these two dances came from the southern region of America. That is why a lot of people think that these two dances are similar. Even though, these two dances are actually two different things. As a matter of fact, there are some people who said that salsa is better than tango in some cases. If you are wondering why those people said the thing, then you will need to know the reasons why salsa is better than tango.

For the start, it is because of the health factor. There are not many people who think about this a lot because they only focus on the way they move their body. Yes, the movement in salsa is considered as something fast. The tempo is also faster compared with tango. As the result, you have to move your body based on the fast beat of the music. In short, you have to move a lot. Yes, the more you move when you are dancing salsa, the more calorie that you burn. That is why many salsa dancers have a good body shape.

The second one is because it is something very casual. This is one fact that you cannot deny. You can easily find people doing salsa in many bars and cafes in southern America region. That is because salsa is quite identical with the local culture of the middle to low class people. However, there are also some fancy occasions where you can find people doing salsa. As the result, this kind of dance should be something quite casual that you can do even on the street. It is different from tango that requires the fancy atmosphere to start dancing.

The last reason is because you do not need to be that intimate with your partner when you are doing salsa. If you ever notice, chemistry is everything in partner dance. The same thing is applied in salsa. However, the chemistry is not like a couple or something like that. It is a kind of funny and friendly chemistry. That is why you can find two people doing salsa with a lot of smiles on their face. That is because they do it with a lot of fun. This is why you can easily find salsa partner. As a matter of fact, there are some salsa dancers who danced with complete stranger.

How to Find the Best Place to Learn Tango in Town

How to Find the Best Place to Learn Tango in Town

Many people think that tango and salsa are similar, but that is not true at all. Tango is a bit harder to learn compared with salsa. That is because there are some specific moves that you need to Learn in Tango, unlike salsa. That is also one reason why there are some people who are looking for the best place to learn how to dance tango. If you are also looking for the best place to learn tango in town, here are some of the tips that might be worthy to try.

The first one is making sure you know the reputation of the place. This one is something important because you will never want to randomly enter a tango class with no reputation at all. Fortunately, this kind of thing can be done by searching for the best one on the internet. If the place has a lot of positive reviews, then you have found the right place to join your tango class. The next tip is that you need to visit the place before you apply for the class. Even though there are some classes that you can join via online registration, you need to skip that. It is better for you to know the real place where you will learn how to tango.

The last but not least, you might want to ask about the tutor or the teacher that will teach you in the class for your tango. Once you have learned the teacher, you will be able to do a little bit of research to find out if the teacher is good enough in this kind of field or not. That is because there are some people with the basic tango skills and they opened a class because they see the opportunity. Make sure you do not join them.

Do I Need to Take Tango Lesson to Learn Tango

Do I Need to Take Tango Lesson to Learn Tango?

Tango is quite famous on the southern part of America. As a matter of fact, almost all of the people are able to do the tango, even though they are not that good in tango. The point is that many of those people are able to do tango. Because of that point, there is a question raised. Do I need to take tango lesson to learn tango? There are two answers for this questions. The first one is yes and the second one is not.

The first answer for the question is yes. Of course, you need to take tango lesson if you want to learn tango but you know absolutely nothing about tango. That is because jus by reading literature about tango will not teach you the real tango. By watching those dancers do tango will not help you to dance like them. That is why you need the help of professional to teach you how to tango properly. Besides that, if you have an event coming up where you are required to do tango, then you need to get a tango lesson. If you are not, then you have to do to the second answer.

The second answer is no. there are some people who understand that tango is a dance of romance. It is the kind of dance that shows intimacy. That is why a lot of couples want to try tango on their own. If you are one of those couples, then you do not have the requirements to take a tango class. You can do that if you want, but it is not that necessary. That is because the basic of tango is actually the intimacy between the dancers. If you are intimate enough, you can be sure that your tango will be great. So, do you think that you need to take a tango class

Worthy Things to Consider before You Start Learning Salsa and Tango

Worthy Things to Consider before You Start Learning Salsa and Tango

Salsa and tango are considered as some of the best dances of Latin America. That is because the form of these two dances is totally impressing and great to watch. That might be one reason why many people are interested in learning how to dance salsa and tango. If you are also thinking about the same thing, there are some things that you might want to firstly consider. Here are some of those things.

The first one is that you need to know that these two dances will take all of your energy. That means you need to work hard and you will sweat a lot. It is true that you are going to dance in tango and salsa, but there are also quite a lot of people who think of these dances as the kind of exercise, the cardio. Therefore, you might also want to think about the same thing too. The second one is the fact that these two dances have a lot of fast-paced movements. This one is something that you need to consider because there are a lot of people who cannot dance in a fast pace or tempo. However, if you really want to learn how to dance salsa and tango, you will be able to follow all of the fast tempo as the time goes.

Worthy Things to Consider before You Start Learning Salsa and TangoThe last thing that you might want to consider is joining a class or school to learn more about salsa and tango. This one is something totally recommended for you want to learn the best of tango and salsa. That is because from that class you will be able to get some facilities that you cannot get if you are training alone, the couple or partner for dancing as example. Therefore, do not be afraid of joining the salsa or tango.

The Different Things between Tango and Salsa

The Different Things between Tango and Salsa

There are not many people who really realize what the difference between salsa and tango is. The main reason is because these two different dances come from Latin America and these two dances are also quite similar in term of movements. However, there is one thing that you can use as the main difference between these two dances. It is the formality of the dance. That is something that you need to understand because the formality of these two dances are quite different.

For your information, if you are watching people doing tango, you will mostly end up with the fact that the dancers are wearing the kind of formal suit and dress. That is the meaning of formality. On the other hand, when you are watching the salsa dance, the things that the dancers wear are quite casual. It is a bit informal. That is why you can simply say that tango is the kind of formal style while salsa is the informal style. For your consideration, this kind of thing might also be caused by the fact that salsa used to be danced on the urban area where there are not many wealthy people who live there.

The Different Things between Tango and SalsaAs an addition to the formality of the dress, the movements of these two dances are also quite different. Many people will not notice that, but if you are taking a closer look of these two different dances, you will notice that tango has a kind of patent of movements that are repeated over and over again. It is not like salsa that focuses on the freedom of the movements. That is why many people think that salsa is the kind of rebellious parts of tango. Do you really think that salsa is the informal and rebellions side of tango?

Things That People Missed when They See Tango Dance

Things That People Missed when They See Tango Dance

Many people love to see the tango dance because of the spirited movements of the dancers. That is one thing that will surely attract a lot of attention from all of the people who are watching the tango dance. Unfortunately, many of those people were only watching as the audiences so that there are not many of them who know exactly what happened on the stage. For your information, there are actually some things that many people missed about this kind of powerful and spirited dance from Latin America. If you are curious, here are some of those things.

The first one is the development of tango is the hardest one to try. Many people think that tango itself is a hard kind of dance to learn, but the original Argentine tango is not something that hard to learn. Unfortunately, the development of the tango called the American tango is something a bit different. You will need the more vigorous movement so that many people who have tried the American tango agree that this development of the Argentine tango is the hardest of all. Therefore, if you want to try something simpler, you can start with the Argentine tango. The second one is that you do not need to think that much about your body weight. Many member think that they will not be able to move naturally when they are doing tango because of their weight. For your information, tango and weight are not two opposite things. You can still dance tango properly even with your body weight that is a bit over the average. Tango is one kind of dance that requires the close distance between the dancers. That means as long as your parent can hold you properly, there is no problem with this dance at all.

Things That People Missed when They See Tango DanceThe last but not least is that tango is quite similar with the cardio. Yes, there are some people who think that tango is also an exercise. That is because they might sweat a lot if they are doing this kind of dance for some minutes. There are a lot of movements, even though the movements are not that much. That is why some of those people call this kind of dance as one part of cardio. This will be something good for those who want to get rid of the extra weight that they have. If you are one of them, you need to try it.

Tango and Salsa School in United States

Finding the Best Tango and Salsa School in United States

It is true that salsa and tango are two kinds of dances that come from the Latin America, but that does mean that these two dances are only famous in that region. That is because these two dances are also quite famous in many other countries all over the world, especially in United States. As a matter of fact, there are also some schools where you can learn how to play tango and salsa in United States. If you are thinking about going to the dance school to learn these two kinds of Latin American dances, there are some tips that you can try so that you can find the best school to learn these two dances.

The first one is trying to know who the real owner or the teacher that will teach you how to dance tango and salsa in that school. It might be a bit unusual, but you need to realize that tango and salsa are two dances that originated from Latin America so that it will be better if you are taught by the native of Latin America. However, if you will be taught by the American or the Asian, you can simply try to find out the quality of the teacher. Tango and salsa are not a big world so that news will be easily spread. That means you can easily find out if your teacher have a good reputation on these dances or not.

The next tip from is that you can try is finding out the reputation of the school where you will learn tango and salsa. If you are unable to find out who the one that will be your teacher is, then you can simply learn the reputation of the dance school that you want to join. This is not a hard thing to do because you can easily look for the best one in Google. There are quite a lot of information about the local tango or salsa classes that you can find around your area.

The last tip that you need to highlight is making sure that you are choosing the class that offers you the reasonable price. If you are going to the high-class school, you have to expect something expensive to pay. However, if you are required to pay for a cheap price, doubt that. The point is making sure that you make the rational and logical decision.

Tango Dance

The Formal Style of Tango Dance

Tango can be considered as the dance of love. That is because if you are watching a couple dancing the tango, you will be able to feel the intimacy on their movements. If you cannot feel that, then you can be sure that those tango dancers are not intimate enough to show the best of their tango. For your information, tango has another similar style that can be considered as something rather casual. It is the salsa. Because of the style is a bit similar, many people consider these two dances as the same thing, though that is not true. For your information, tango is something quite formal in many ways.

You need to know that tango is quite formal in many ways compared with salsa. One example can be seen from the kind of dress that the dancers are wearing. If you are taking a closer look, you will notice that the dresses are considered as something high class; the best suit and the best dress. That is because the origin of tango came from those people with wealth. That is why you will never see someone with casual style doing the tango.

As an addition to that, tango is also something that has the kind of patented movements. If you think that dancing tango is just about moving your body in a fast pace, you are totally wrong. That is because you need to learn the basic steps and movements on this dance.

It is not like salsa that can give you the freedom to move your body as long as you are following to the music. That is one reason why there are people who join the tango class, but not the salsa class. That is because they need to learn the basic movements before they can start the advance ones.

Tango Dance Class

Benefits of Joining the Salsa and Tango Dance Class

Salsa and tango are the most famous dances of Latin America. That is why many people are joining the class to learn these kinds of dances. If you think that joining the dance class to learn tango and salsa is a bit useless, you need to think about that once again. That is because there are quite a lot of reasons and benefits that you need to know of joining the salsa and tango classes for your own good. Here are some of them.

The first benefit is that you will be able to learn how to dance based on the real deal. The meaning of real deal is that you will know the process of learning from the basic to the advance. As an addition, you will also be able to learn all of the things that you might not be able to learn from somewhere else, the internet for example. The second benefit that you will get is that you will have the chance to get some new acquaintances. This is something good, especially for the salsa and tango. That is because these two kinds of dances require you to dance with a partner so that if you are able to find a partner that can match your dancing style on the class, that will be a great advantages.

The last benefit that you will get is the chance to perform your skills in a proper spot. For your consideration, if you are learning salsa or tango on your own, you might not be able to find the proper spot to perform your skills, but on the class, you will be able to have the spot to do that. This is a good thing to evaluate your skills in salsa and dancing before you finally do it in front of the public.