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For an instructional video that teaches all of the basic nightclub two step patterns, see Nightclub Two Video


Nightclub Two Step (NC2S)
Tips and Traps

Nightclub Two Step Patterns

Here you'll find a discussion of beginning and intermediate patterns for nightclub two step, a romantic dance for popular ballads. Nightclub two step was created by Buddy Schwimmer in 1965. See the following link for more details about the history of nightclub two step,

In this description of the dance, I use the term "pulse" to describe a subdivision of the beat. Each beat may have two pulses. In nightclub two step music, usually the pulses within the first and third beats are accented so that we hear:
1& 2 3& 4.

Nightclub Two Step -- Basic

In the basic step the leader (usually the guy!) steps back on the first pulse of the beat 1 and then replaces his weight back on his right foot on the second pulse of beat 1. This is called a rock step. (Remember, in this discussion a pulse is a subdivision of the main beat). The follower mirrors the leader; she also steps back when the leader steps back. This causes an "away and together" kind of action. This is usually counted 1&.

On beat 2, the leader steps side, left and holds this step for one full beat.

On the first pulse of beat 3, the leader steps back with his righr foot. On the second pulse of beat 3, he replaces his weight to his left foot.

On beat 4, the leader steps side, right.

If you'd like clarification to this explanation, you can see a little video of the nightclub two step basic here.

Nightclub Two Step -- Outside Underarm Turn

Uusually, the second pattern a beginner to nightclub two step learns is the outside under arm turn. Here are some tips to help making it easier to learn this step.

Leader: one good way to prepare for the outside underar turn is to dance the basic step. Just before stepping to the left, on any even count, raise your left hand up above the followe'rs head and nudge her to start turning with your right hand (which should be on her left shoulder blade). Your feet do the same pattern as in the basic except that on the first quick after the slow step to the side, you can step with your right foot so that your toe comes near the heel of left foot (this is known as fifth position)
Tip: think of leading this turn with your right hand. Guide the follower with your left.

Follower: when the leader raises your right hand, that's a door way for you to go through. So as you step side to the right point your toe to the right and start pivoting on it to the right. On the first quick, step across your right foot with your left. On the second quick, pivot on the ball of your right foot (keeping your right foot in place the whole time), so that by the slow, you end up facing your partner again.

Trap: most beginning followers will not keep their right foot in place while doing this turn and will lift up right right foot and spin away from their man -- not a good thing. Ladies, pretend that you like this guy; this will help you remember to keep your right foot in place and come back to him when turn, rather than spin away from him.

Follow are some more steps I'm sure you'll enjoy In a future lesson, I'll describe these steps in detail, too.

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Inside underarm pass
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Intermediate Nightclub Two step Patterns

Outside underarm turn moving
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For an instructional video that teaches all of the basic steps in detail, see Nightclub Two Video