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Article on Nightclub Two Step. Phil Seyer interviews the creator of NIghtclub Two step, , Buddy Schwimmer.

Salsa uses some moves very similar to Nighclub two step. You can use all the moves you learn in this NC2S video with salsa, however, you need to add a few things when dancing salsa -- for example, use Cuban hip motion and add a back and forth basic. For your dancing pleasure, we have a comprehensive series of salsa instructional videos, too





Nightclub Two Step Video ( NC2S )
How to Dance
Nightclub Two Step

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Nightclub two step is great for weddings, ballrooms, and it is also a fun dance to use in nightclubs. All the steps are also useful in salsa, just add Cuban hip motion!

Instructor Phil Seyer has been teaching Nightclub Two step for more than 15 years and studied with the creator of this dance, Buddy Schwimmer. In making this video, Phil drew upon his many years of teaching this dance and upon his knowledge of instructional technology. Unique features of this video include:

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Hand styling and correct body positioning
  • Body shaping
  • Progress Check Questions with Answers
  • Slow motion reviews of basic elements

This introductory video includes five lessons:

1. The Basic Step
2. The Follower's Right Turn
3. Patty-cake to Cross over break with Follower's Right Turn exit.
4. Left turn to side-cross-side (with and without follower's traveling turn)
5. Right turn to side-cross-side (with and without follower's traveling turn)

Learn everything you need to have fun dancing Nighclub Two Step for just $19.95.

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Nightclub two step--not to be confused with country twostep--is a slow, romantic dance. Master instructors Robert Royston and Laureen Baldovi teach the dance from the ground up. First they teach the rhythm and basic step to music, their backs to you so you can follow easily. Then they show you how to do that move with a partner, then they add additional basic moves like the side-cross-side traveling step and some simple turns and open breaks.

Argentine tango is a far cry from Nightclub Two step!. But strangely enough, the Argentine tango dance style works well with Nightclub Two step music!. For a change of pace when the DJ puts on nightclub two step, try Argentine tango! Ocho's look especially nice. For more information, see Phil's free lessons on Argentine tango or see our tango videos.

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