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Rumba dancing in the U.S. grew out of a number of Cuban dances. It is a medium slow, romantic dance, often called "the dance of love." Rumba is a spot dance. That is, it is danced pretty much in one spot without a progression around the dance floor as is done with foxtrot, waltz, quickstep, and tango. Rumba music has 4 beats per measure. In American style rumba, the dance rhythm is SLOW QUICK-QUICK, with the slow step falling on beats 1 and 2 of the music. When dancing rumba, some leaders start on beat 3 with a quick quick step to the side, others start on beat 1 of the music with a slow forward step. Cuban hip motion is important in rumba to give it proper styling. In English style (often called International Style), the leader doesn't step on beat 1, but prepares by shifting weight to his right foot. The leader then steps forward on beat 2 (quick) and replaces his weight back to right foot on beat 3. This is a syncopated style since the leader is breaking forward on an "off-beat."

Tip for leaders: Rememer this is the dance of love. Put some soul into it. When doing a cross-over break to the right, reach up with your right hand (with finger open) and look up as if reaching for the heavens. Then pull your hand down toward your heart (and close finders slightly, one at a time, starting with little finger). Beckon to the Spirit on high and draw love into your soul. Look at your partner with love on the end of the second quick of the cross-over break Look up and away again as you do a cross over break to the left. Reach up with your left hand in the same manner as you do with your right hand earlier.

Tip for followers: Try to mirror the leaders arm movements. Also, imagine you love the leader deeply. (Don't worry it's only for 3 minutes or so). When doing an underarm turn, look deeply into the leader's eyes and hold eye contact as long as you can before turning. When turning to the right, keep your right foot in-place and pivot and do a walk around turnt. (Don't spin on the right foot, make it a graceful walk around turn.)

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