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Learn salsa in a hurry the easy way! Don't let those advanced steps shown here scare you! Those dips and drops are advanced steps you can learn in Video #9. But you can start slowly with a beginners video.

Additional Options

Here's a detailed description of Salsa Video #1 "Beginners."

In the Beginner salsa instructional video you learn all of the following!

Basic Salsa Steps

Side to Side,
Basic Enchunfla,
Basic Guapea,
Casino Turns,
Basic Exhibela and Caminalo.

...and also these beginner salsa turns:

1. Al Medio
2. Abajo,
3. Exhibela,
4. Exhibela dos Veces,
5. Dile que No
6. Dame Una,
7. Enchunfla
8. Enchunfla Doble
9. Adios con la Hermana
10. Vacila
11. Sombrero
12. Candado

13. Evelyn
14. Al Corto con la Bola
15. Setenta,
16. Dedo
17. El Uno
18. Ponle Sabor
19. Damela por las Manos
20. Setenta con las Manos
21. Arriba Tiempo España,
22. Pegale un Tarrito
23. Tarrito de mentira and additional dancing!

These professional salsa instructors have broken the turns down into Spanish and English for all of you "salseros" who want to look good on the dance floor. This enables you to learn the authentic Spanish terms for the various steps.

You can stop, rewind, at any point on the video and let Salsa Racing Dance Studios bring the Cuban tradition into your home. Running time: 56 minutes.
Director Henry Herrera and three professional Salsa Racing Instructors:Alicia Hernández, Javier Groning and Viena Fernández.
Narrator: DJ Jammin' Johnny Caride from Power 96.5 Music by: Israel Kantor.
Photos by: Baron DaParré.
Produced By: Tony Fleites.
On DVD format region 1
Price: $29.99 plus shipping!

Everything is here: whether you are looking for a beginning video or more advanced steps to add to your repertoire, these power salsa videos from Salsa Racing Stuidos are the ticket!

There is no risk, since all our products are fully guaranteed!


Learn Salsa! Have Fun! Lose Weight! Get Healthy!
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Don't let this picture intimidate you. You can start with some easy beginners steps on the first video. Then you can gradually progress. There are many salsa instructional videos here to choose from!

Now you can learn the from these Salsa Champions in the privacy of your own home! Amaze your friends with your new salsa moves. Unlike other products, this is a progressive system with 11 different instructional videos! You can customize your training. Buy several or just start with 1 or 2 videos. Buy 4 or more and get free shipping! Recommendation: Be sure to order the Beginner Video so you build a strong foundation. Satisfaction Guaranteed. You going to love these salsa lessons from the Salsa Racing Dance Studio Pros! Don't settle for less. Never before has such extensive salsa training been available -- as you advance in your training, you can even learn drops and dips like those shown in the photo above (see Salsa Video #9 below!)

Please review the titles below. To order a video, just click the add to cart button. When ready to checkout, click View Cart and then Checkout.

1. Volume 1 "Beginners" ($29.99 each in DVD format)
(see description at left)
2. Volume 2 "Intermediate" ($29.99 each in DVD format)
3. Volume 3 "Advanced" ($29.99 each in DVD format)

4. Henry's Turns "Special Edition" ($29.99 each in DVD format)

5. Henry's Turns 2 "A Lo cubano"($29.99 each in DVD format)
6. Henry's Turns 3 "Salsa Triples" ($29.99 each in DVD format)
7. Qban Shines "For U 2 N joy" ($29.99 each in DVD format)
8. Stretch + Strength = Great Salsa Dancing! ($29.99 each in DVD format)
9. Dips, Drops, & Lifts for Salsa! ($29.99 each in DVD format
10. Henry Herrera "Cogele el Paso" Vol.1 ($29.99 each in DVD format)
11. Henry Herrera "Cogele el Paso" Vol.2 ($29.99 each in DVD format)

Learn Salsa from these Salsa Professionals and Champions!

Let the Salsa Racing Studios bring the Cuban tradition of Salsa into your home.

  See also: Sacramento Salsa Lessons and Private Salsa Lessons