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Salsa Instructional Videos
Learn Salsa! Have Fun! Lose Weight! Get Healthy!
Improve your social skills, make new friends

salsa videos, instructional
Click to learn more.

NOTE: another
great series of salsa
videos is available
from the ...
Salsa Racing Team.
These are great if
you prefer a
bilingual approach
where lessons are
given in Spanish &
English. This is fun
because you can
impress your friends
with the Spanish terms
for all of the
salsa moves.
Many advanced
turns, dips, and
drops are taught
in this series, which
reveals Cuban
style salsa. Click
here to learn more
about the Salsa
Racing Team Videos


Want to learn salsa? If so, you've come to the right place. Here we focus on salsa videos that can help you learn salsa quickly and easily.

Salsa Crazy Instructional Dance Videos
Evan, pictured at left with one of his dance partners, went crazy about salsa when he first learned it many years ago. Salsa became his life and he founded an organization called "Salsa Crazy" which has step-by-step instructional salsa videos in very clear English. The first volume is great for beginners and subsequent volumes offer more advanced moves you can impress your friends with. To learn more about Evan's instructional salsa DVDs click here or on the picture at left.

Ongoing, Online Dance
Instructional Videos

Evan has also created an online "salsa boot camp." You can subscribe to Evan's website and always learn new moves because new videos are constantly being added to the dance website. Evan's website features salsa but also includes instructional dance videos on other Latin dances like bachata, cha-cha, and more.

A nice thing about Evan's online salsa website is that you can get a 3 day trial, so there is totally no risk. Click here to learn more about Evan's Salsa Crazy Boot camp website.

There's also no risk when you buy salsa DVDs because there is a satisfaction guarantee.

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