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101 Videos on Swing

(Most of these videos are about swing dancing, but some are about swing guitar, and improving your swing in golf or tennis! Other videos related to "swing" are also listed, like "swing stock trading."  I left these in this list just for the fun of it. )

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Everybody Dances Swing

An Introduction to 6-Count Swing

Learn to Swing Dance

The Swing Reaction System - Biomechanical Golf Exercise Video

World of Swing #6 - From Partner Charleston to Lindy Charleston

Intermediate 6-Count Swing

Big City Swing presents - Beginning Lindy Hop

World of Swing #5 - How To Jitterbug

Big Band, Swing & Nightclub Dancing

World of Swing #7 - Master Trick Steps: Part 1 - Guys

Swing Kids

Swing Trading with Oliver Velez

Astaire & Rogers Collection Volume 2 (Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Carefree, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The Barkleys of Broadway)

5 Minutes to a Perfect Golf Swing (10 if you're a slow learner) VIDEO AND HANDBOOK

A Swingin' package, Learn to swing dance video + Zoot CD featured in the video

Swing Time

Ultimate Power Golf Swing

Swing Shift

Learn to Play Western Swing Guitar

World of Swing #8 - Master Trick Steps: Part 2 - Dolls

Rockabilly Rocking Swing with Slim Jim Phantom

Classic Jazz Drummers: Swing and Beyond

Cal Pozo's Learn to Dance in Minutes: Swing

Fixing Your Swing

Bring Back the Romance of Dance, Vol. 1 - Swing (1999 Revised Version)

Jitterbug Swing:Advanced Level

Swing, Swing, Swing

Let's Dance Swing: Tape 1

A Taste of Salsa, Volume II (Spanish & English Language)

Benny Goodman - Adventures in the Kingdom of Swing

Tony Gwynn's The Five Keys To Hitting - The King of Swing

Still Swingin: Bob Wills & Western Swing Music

Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way - The Full Swing


Back to the Future: Dickens of a Christmas and Swing Low Sweet Chariot Race

Cal Pozo's Learn to Dance in Minutes - Swing Medley

Darkman 2: the Return of Durant

Swing Dancing For Beginners

Girl in a Swing

Swing Craze

Double Play

Swing: The Best of the Big Bands, Vol. 4

Michelle Shocked: The Captain Swing Review

Swing: The Best of the Big Bands, Vol. 2

Consistent Tennis Wins V: The Ability to Swing

Swing: The Best of the Big Bands, Vol. 3

World of Swing #1 - 40's Hollywood Style

Swing Shift

Salute to Swing Bands

Swing & Other Stories

High Handicapper's Swing School

Salute to Swing Bands/Tribute

Senior's Swing School

College Swing

Junior's Swing School


"Improve Your Golf Swing"

You Can Dance - Swing

Learn to Swing

Get Into the Swing:The Basics

Swing Dancing with Teresa Mason

Swing Swing Swing 1

Let's Swing

Swing, Swing, Swing!

Golf 2000: Power Golf, The Full Swing

Swing High, Swing Low

Swing Speed Accelerator

Man With the Perfect Swing

The Swing

Cartoon Festival: Cactus Swing

Wynton Marsalis: Blues and Swing

Swing Time

Work Out Your Swing

Where's the Money, Noreen?

Women's Swing School

Swing Fitness

The Princess and the Call Girl

RMM: Best of Las Damas Del Swing

Christy Lane's Swing Dancing Today Made Easy

Swing's the Thing

Swing: The Best of the Big Bands, Vol. 1

Country Swing Back-Up Guitar

Soundies Vol.2:Singing Stars of Swing

Take Me Back to Tulsa: An Anthology of Western Swing

Club Swing:Advanced Swing Dance

Swing Parade of 1946

Triple Coil Golf Swing

Swing High Swing Low

Low Handicapper's Swing School

SWINGIN' With The King of Swing

PGA Tour Golf, Vol. 1: The Full Swing

Swing Craze

Swing Dancing

Swing Is King

The 8-Step Swing by Jim McLean

The Ultimate West Coast Swing Reference Video

World of Swing #3 - Footwork Fast & Fancy

World of Swing #9 - Secrets Of Improvisation/Dancing To The Music

Swing Dancing (swing dancing 3-tape set)

Power & Distance II: Advanced Techniques and Drills for the Perfect Swing

The Ultimate East Coast Swing Reference Video

World of Swing #2 - Boogie Woogie/Advanced East Coast

Everybody Dances Swing! - Basics & Foundations of 3 Styles of Swing: Lindy, West Coast & Carolina Shag

Everybody Dances Swing! - Advanced Patterns & Really Cool Moves for Lindy, West Coast & Carolina Shag

Learn to Dance (and SWING) with Bobby Burgess and Elaine Balden

Rick Smith Swing Foundations

Swing Guitar, Video One-Rhythm's Where It's At!

World of Swing #4 - Advanced Hollywood Style

Christy Lane's Swing Dancing Today Made Easy for Teachers

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