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Choosing a
Wedding DJ

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Wedding DJ
Tips on Hiring a
DJ for Your Wedding

Knowledge of Dance Music

Try to determine how well a prospective DJ understands dance music. Ask for suggestions on music to play for a Money Dance, Father-Daughter dance, or First Dance. An experienced DJ will have a list of such tunes and can help you.

Ask to see a list of tunes that you can pick from. At a wedding reception there are dancers of all ages who prefer different dance styles. So it is important that your DJ be knowledgeable and flexible. If all he or she knows is hip hop and modern rock, you and your guests may be disappointed in that DJs selections..

Many DJs think of music in general music categories and are sensitive to or even aware of different ballroom dance categories, like waltz, Foxtrot, hustle, and swing. So if you are planning a wedding that features a lot of music from a particular dance style, be sure to pick a DJ who understands the various dance styles. If you are sure you and your guests will enjoy a night of mostly free style rap and hip hop, then this will not be so important.

Musical Selections

Can you create a "must play" list. How many songs can you have on your must play list? How many songs can you pick from? A modern DJ should be able to get almost any song or tune you want. With the latest technology, your DJ should allow you to pick from thousands of tunes, and do so legally! The problem, though, is that some DJs have invested thousands of dollars in older technology and they don't update their equipment. For best results pick a DJ who has and understands the latest technology.
NOTE: Now, with Nationwide wireless Broadband service, modern DJs even offer real time searches at the reception of a mega database of tunes. Guests at such receptions are delighted scream with delight when they hear their requests fulfilled. .


Sound and Lighting Systems

DJs with equipment from the previous century insist on using 15" speaks and think they are necessary for bigger dance halls. But new sound technology (for example from Bose) enables smaller speakers to produce a warm, clean sound that rivals live music! Huge15" speakers are no longer necessary.

Some DJs like to imnpress clients by saying they have 2 CDs players or turntables -- yet DJs using the latest technology don't not even need CD players, except perhaps as a backup!

Lighting. Various light system are available. Talk to your DJ to ask what kinds of lighting he/she has available and if there is an extra charge for special lighting.

DJ Contract

It's also a good idea to put details into the contract concerning, number of hours and special needs such as need to provide DJ services at both the ceremony and the reception.

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