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"I've read What Makes Music Work and it was wonderful." -- David Odera Okumu, Naivasha, Kenya.

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Phil Seyer also offters private piano and music theory lessons in Roseville California. You can reach Phil at 916-772-7555

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First Music Book, Music How, Music How,
Classroom Music Text, Introduction to Music, Chords, Modulation, Music Structure, Harmony. Learn it all with ...

What Makes Music Work
a self-teaching book on Music Theory by Phil Seyer

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What Makes Music Work makes learning a simple and natural process--even if you've never taken a formal music course in music theory. Unlike other books, this one has many step-by-step exercises to help you master the material as you progress. Readers love this book as you can see below. With this book you will learn to:

  • Read, write and play music.
  • Identify its basic components
  • Understand form and structure
  • Compose a song

You'll find answers to questions like these:

  • How do notes combine in harmony?
  • How can I easily read those super high notes?
  • What makes some sounds pleasing, others discordant?
  • How do composers expand small musical ideas into full-scale pieces?

Music Theory -- What Readers are Saying

Well-organized, Excellent Music Theory Book

"A lucid, well-organized introduction to music theory" --American Library Association.

"I always loved music; thank you for helping me understand it." -- John Giunta, North Bellmore, New York.

"Your publication is absolutely excellent." - Jennifer Linton, North Eastham, MA.

"Understandable, Wonderful" Music Theory

"Thorough and understandable." -- Valere Meyer, Toledo, Ohio.

"I've read What Makes Music Work and it was wonderful." -- David Odera Okumu, Naivasha, Kenya.

Chord Progressions, Composition, Harmonization

"It has helped me with theory a great deal. For instance, I now understand how to compose a song using motives, and I value the section on chord progression and harmonization.  Thank you ever so much for writing this book."  Steven Flowers, New York, New York

Deep Music Theory

"Understandable yet deep. This is a great book. When I first saw this book I thought it seemed too basic. It starts out with pitch and moves on to rhythm. These are things I know about, I play piano. But soon, as I was reading the book, I found easy to understand discussions of Mixylodian Modes and I-V-vi-IV-V-I chord progressions. Its lucid explanations of tough concepts make this an easy 5 stars. A great book for beginners to music theory (like me). " -- Robby Walker, Glendale, AZ

Table of Contents for Phil's Music Theory Book

Reading and Writing Musical Pitch
Tempo and Meter
Musical Form and Design
Chord Progression and Harmonization
Glossary: explains songwriting concepts like "verse/bridge structure"

Other Music Education Products by Phil Seyer

Music Theory: An inexpensive ear training program is available for immediate download. It supplement the chapter on intervals Click here for more info.

Music Theory: a Hip Hop Ear Training CD is also available.

Music Theory: a CD that teaches interesting chromatic chords is also available.

Music Theory: underderstanding Chromatic Chords

Have questions?, call Phil Seyer at 916-772-7555

Have a question about music theory? visit Phil Seyer's Music Theory Webboard

Thanks for your interest in What Makes Music Work it's great for...

Music Theory, a College Music Text,
First Music Book for Adults, Music How, Music How To, Classroom Music Text, Introduction to Music

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