Getting to Know About Tango Dance

Tango dance is a type of dance native to Latin America. This dance came to the fore in the 1800s. This dance is performed in pairs, namely male and female which has a considerable influence on culture in Europe and Africa. There are also those who say that this dance is the result of the fusion of several immigrants from European countries, such as African culture that entered through the Cross-Atlantic trade route. As such, it greatly influences dance, music, culture, and more. The movement of this dance is quite dynamic which can create a very passionate and romantic atmosphere for anyone who does it.

The History of Tango Dance
Tango itself comes from the city of Buenos Aires & Montovideo which is in Rio de la Plata. This is an area located on the border area of ​​Argentina and Uruguay. Because this Tanggo first appeared and was used in 1890. This means if this word comes from a Latin tangere which means to touch.

This dance, which comes from the lower classes, is growing very quickly and is known by the public. Similar to theater, this dance also develops in suburbs and slums in European countries, especially among Italian, Spanish, and French immigrants. Among these immigrants, there are those of African descent and there are also those who are natives of the area known as the Criollos. It was originally considered a custom, belief and ceremony of the people. Until now it has become a habit that has become the identity of Latin American society. In fact, this dance is getting more and more popular nowadays.

Types of Tango Dance
This Tango dance is divided into two types, namely Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango. The distinguishing factor is intimacy. Tango Ballroom or also known as Tango International is a dance that is danced by male and female dancers who stick together. This dance is usually performed by a pair of lovers. On the other hand, the Argentine tango dance is a dance whose movements are more organized and elegant with a little distance where not all parts attach to the dancer pair.

Tango Rhythm
Tango dance is referred to as a social dance in Latin America. This dance has a beat of 2/4 rhythm using a medium tempo. This dance movement can be used to attract because it is done with steps that can give the impression that is quite exotic and also tempting. The music for this dance accompaniment is combined from 4 types of musical instruments such as instruments from Germany and Bandoneon, Violin, Flute and guitar. This is one of the typical musical accompaniments of the tango dance.

Tango costume
The clothes used in the tango dance are comfortable clothes and can be used to move freely. The clothes are designed in various ways and are also attached to the body. This is because these tango dancers will tend to move more dynamically and also require them to be able to move and dance with more freedom of movement. So, the materials used for the costumes must be supportive. Costumes are designed not to be too heavy or too stiff. The material used must also be a material derived from Lycra, chiffon and satin. There are also additional brocade trinkets as an additional decoration of this costume.